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Member of The Professional Writer's Alliance

Member of The Professional Writer’s Alliance

MSmithWriter is a blog with a single purpose – to inspire you by being one brick in the vibrational wall you’re creating.
The wall that shields limiting beliefs about your potential, your power, and your worthiness to receive endless abundance.
The wall that shields self-doubt and houses creativity.
The wall that shields illusions of separateness between you and the Universe.

MFrederick wearing his favorite sweater.

My name is MFrederick.
I am a writer.

As well as an artist, musician, and a student of the Universe.
I am currently living/loving life in Seattle, Washington. All the content on this page shares one common theme – to inspire.

I’m on my personal trip through life – just as you are.
It’s well known, throughout history, that community efforts are far more effective than solo efforts. I believe this applies to life, as well. As we are overloaded daily with cultural influences, pressures by marketing agencies, and news outlets that promote fear and so on – it’s important to step back at times to keep your mind and body fresh and truly yours.

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Topics within the blog:

Nature’s lessons:

Culture vs you

Destroying anxiety, perception of life, and seeing the illusion for the magnificent reality that it is


There are more posts, covering many specifics, on the site – each with its own unique message.
Other topics include Concentration, Meditation, Focus, Finding Passions, and much more – so jump in and explore. Content is always being added so check back frequently or:

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