Essential Steps to Remember When You Lose Your Focus

The most essential steps to remember when your creative focus isn’t aligned with your intentions:

  • Remember Your “Why”
  • Act when inspiration peeks in – regardless of what your emotions tell you.
  • Be relentless with it

I use the phrase “peeks in” literally here. In other words –
If you’ve lost the drive or focus on your work. This could be anything from your entrepreneurial career to a passionate hobby. Either way, it’s the same. These obstacles and hurdles are part of the growth process.

“Okay, Mr Frederick…what do you know about focus and personal growth?” Well, about as much as anyone else if they are paying attention. I’m not special here – just spreading personal experience in hopes of inspiring or helping any minds that find these words.

2017 proved itself to be a profound year for me in terms of change; especially with the loss of my beautiful Grandma – I miss her so much.

She was a unique, loving soul that accepted anyone and everything. There are many conversations that Grandma and I had over the years that I will hold close to me for life. Whenever I think about them, I smile… In fact, I am still writing today because of her.

Her unconditional love and inspirational/motivational advice through the years will be my strength to rise again anytime I fail or fall…she told me, “Never quit. Your Mother knew and I know too – you will do special things in life. It’s in your eyes and only a few can see it…others will not. Go get what you came here for but be ready to get hurt on the way.”

Rest well, Grams…I miss you everyday. Thank you for the decades of wisdom you shared with all of us and the love you brought to everyone you met and everything you did. I Love You and Miss You. Tell my Mom I Love Her too.

I will not bore you with my 2017 tales of how insanely accurate she was about getting hit and how I allowed them to slow me down…maybe someday I will. For now, though, I’m not feeding that uninspired darkness.

When this loss of focus occurs – the focus will not come back in one colossal slam into your mind – it will, most likely, come back in intermittent, short flashes of brilliant inspiring randomness. They will “peek in” at first.

These “peeks” will not serve you unless you act on them – in that moment.

You must immediately acknowledge them while simultaneously placing your work (Passion or hobby that is calling to you) above whatever you’re doing in that moment (using common sense) and do something that gives those moments value.

Just get started.

Many artist’s, musician’s, writer’s, and others that are emersed in their respected creative disciplines know this – yet many spend years or even decades battling this resistance. It requires self discipline and a conscious awareness of intention.

What’s your “Why?”

Just get started.

The work will naturally begin to flow once you do.

Do not think too far ahead and overwhelm yourself by the amount of work you may have in front of you. That work will get accomplished when its time to do that work. Focus on the day at hand.

Putting in that work and making those immediate sacrifices – this proves to be the challenge for most – including me.

So – why am I writing this?

You haven’t seen a MFrederick newsletter
or any updated, consistent posts on for a few months, right?


I lost focus and allowed life situations to drown out my inner-voice just enough to severely injure my desire to continue working on any current projects or to develop myself in any creative aspect.

This is a sickness.

Even while understanding the situation and what was happening in the moment – I still allowed those things to destroy my output and my desire to write, play guitar, draw, or improve myself on a daily basis.

I gave things that were out of my control far too much emotional value. I allowed situations around me (some having nothing to do with me) to determine my immediate state-of-mind.

I was a prisoner to the current moment…the present moment.
The same present moment that you and I continuously create.

Sounds like insanity, doesn’t it?
That’s because it is…it was.

Writing that out and admitting this to you is difficult. It can be difficult to admit defeat or tell your story of defeat to those you know, right?
It could appear as weakness to others.
It could change someone’s perception of me.
It could this.
It could that.
It could also do none of those.
It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that we are true to ourselves and we express our personal truths through our creative expressions.

If the perception of others is still an important piece of your experience and your work – the people you want/need to attract into your life will see the genuine nature of your work and it will resonate with them. It will resonate with those who matter. That is all that matters.

I was lost and my path (or what I thought was/is my path) was not even in my line of sight anymore. I was depressed and creatively starving in a metaphorical forest. I was even in denial over this most of the time. Justifications for my lack of work occurred daily. Justifications = Excuses I told myself to avoid beating myself down using inner dialogue expletives.

Depression. A “Deep Rest” took place. While I was still alive and breathing – my spirit was critically wounded.

What did I do?

In hindsight (the best that I can, at least) I operated my day-to-day in a mostly reactionary mindset.
In other words – I was not reaching for anything. Nothing significant or profound, that is. I had that “someday soon” mindset.

I was not interested in overcoming my fears or overcoming obstacles to learn and/or grow from in the name of self-mastery.

I wanted solitude.

I wanted my Xbox One – maybe an occasional peanut butter shake from Dairy Queen – not much else, though.

I sit here and write to you on December 31st at 12:05 AM…23 hours and 55 minutes from a new calendar year and
it feels nice to be writing again.

I’ve been drawing a lot for the past 2 days and decided to put those pencils down tonight and begin the climb back to MFrederick and that sense of contentment I get when I see words appearing in front of me on this screen – Everyday.

Will the real MFrederick please stand up?

2018 – I anxiously await your arrival.
While I understand you are just a unit of thought and a system created by man to aid in our community efforts – I know your arrival still holds true, powerful value.

I’m in.

2017 – Thank you for the tools and the bruises. They hurt but I have no doubt that those bruises were completely necessary for my future adventures. Thank you.

Be safe out there and remember – stay humble and grateful for everything you’ve learned through hardships and personal struggles. They are all perfect and in line with something we have no concept of and all pain is an aspect of your personal growth and flourishing.

The lessons are always there and more easily seen/learned if you keep this in mind. I’m with you in this game. Thank you for your patience and concern while I was swimming/ swim through this.

I love all of you.


Keep those shoulders back and your head up…and keep smiling.

Much Love, my friends.

-Matthew Frederick