wpid-20150912_150316.jpgHello, my friends!
I have a few pieces in work – expect to see the first by Tuesday evening or Wednesday afternoon.
The adventure has, unfortunately, delayed work on the blog. I don’t want to try to explain (and most likely bore you) with the details.
Rest assured, though, the posts will show up more often as we move forward. Regular blog postings are essential.
I haven’t told anyone about the plans I have. Yay for secrets! Don’t worry – the secret will be out soon – and you’re going to love it.

For the subscribers – First of all, I love you guys. The feedback I receive gives me the genuine strength to continue pressing on with this pursuit. Your words of encouragement and affirmations about being inspired by the blog is gasoline on my fire. I can’t thank you enough for choosing to be a part of this with me. I promise you this – this ride has barely just begun.

To fill some of the gap – I rounded up a few posts I’ve made on social media recently and thought I’d share them with you.
Stay tuned, my friends. Some exciting things are brewing over here!


I’m 100% convinced that there is something out there, something so incredibly powerful that it’s impossible to measure.
Something beyond our, 5-limited senses, perception of reality.
Something that is constantly mindful of my thought process. And this mindfulness is what creates my unfolding existence.
Life. Existence. Love.
I love being a part of this cosmic adventure.

In line this morning at a drive-thru coffee stand. 2 cars in front of me. When I get to the window, the guy tells me that the person in front of me paid for my coffee. I give the guy $5 and tell him to put it toward the bill of the car behind me.
A few hours later I am at QFC seeking out some raisin bread. As I approach the bread aisle I see a $10, folded up, on the floor.
Random acts of kindness create a wave of positive energy – for everyone involved. These random acts also open you up to universal abundance. Which I believe is the reason I found the $10.
Some may say this is just simply a mathematical coincidence – I say it’s an orchestrated dance that moves to the beat of good intentions.
The thing that fascinates me the most about that is the mystery of how long the wave lasts. It may last a few minutes or it may last for days.
I can’t say what this wisdom is that created this dance but I can say that it’s orchestrated to perfection.
Much love.

Work without doing.IMG_7644
Taste the tasteless.
Magnify the small, increase the few.
Reward bitterness with care.
See simplicity in the complicated.
Achieve greatness in little things.
Take on difficulties while they are still easy;
do great things while they are still small.
The sage does not attempt anything very big,
and thus achieves greatness.
If you agree too easily, you will be little trusted;
because the sage always confronts difficulties,
he never experiences them.

It’s September 11th, 2015. The time is 12:07 AM.
7 minutes ago, I watched the clock strike 12:00 AM.
Seemingly scripted, my first thought as I watched the clock change – my Mom.
On September 11th, 1979 at 12:00 AM – Matthew is exactly 8 hours and 6 minutes from ending his 9-month stay at Holiday Womb.
At 8:06 AM – he makes his first appearance and has his first experience. The first experience – seeing his Mother for the first time.
My thoughts at 12:01 AM shifted from time-alignment nonsense to thoughts of curiosity. I wonder what my Mom was doing, at this time, exactly 36 years ago. Was she already at the hospital? Was she already experiencing labor pains? Was she aware that she was about to give birth to a legend?
She did keep an incredibly detailed baby book. The book meticulously detailed her experience of being pregnant with me. I assume this information is in that book – maybe not. I will find it today and update this status when I do.
I am grateful for the 36 years on this enormous playground. Here’s to 33 more.
It’s my birthday and I want to play on the monkey bars all day. All I wanna know is…who’s coming with me? Who’s coming with me, man?

September 12 at 1:08 PM in Seattle.
I just got back to my house after a short walk outside. The sky is beautiful today. No clouds and the blue is simply brilliant. The green leaves on the trees create a magnificent color combination with the sky.
For a moment, I felt hot as the sun consumed my entire body. In this moment, a crow flew over me and the uncomfortable feeling of being too warm vanished. The breeze, as my spirit connected with the crow, was relief.
Smiling with my eyes – I continued walking. Still transfixed on the sky, I stopped for a moment to take a mental photo.
As the magical process of vision and memory creation were unfolding, I heard a cat’s meow. Glancing down, a beautiful little animal – doing figure-8’s around my feet. I reached down to scratch its head. The cat instantly rolled on its side, then on its back, and looked in my eyes.
“Oh, you want a belly rub,” I said.
The cat said, “Meow…”
I don’t speak feline but, I think it’s safe to assume the ‘meow’ (at least in this case) meant yes.
I obliged and rubbed its belly.
I am sure I saw the cat smile.
Beautiful blue skies, magnificent green trees, and smiling cats.
Life – this is so much fun.
Much love, my friends.
I hope you’re all feeling the magic.