You and I are connected in ways beyond our comprehension.

Beautifully mysterious, isn’t it?

I think it is.

In fact, you and I are working together subconsciously — all the time.

What that work is — I don’t know…

I do feel we have a common purpose, though.

Sometimes I wish I could explain it or, at least, understand it. It would make things easier, wouldn’t it? Maybe?

But, as you and I both know — we aren’t meant to fully understand it. Not yet…

I want you to know that I am right there with you.

Regardless of beliefs, cultural values, or anything else that has divided us for decades — I am with you on this journey. I am all in — through the good times and the bad.

The beautiful aspects of this experience, as we all know, are clouded with darkness. The darkness comes in many forms:

Greed, desire to control, manipulation of the masses in the name of profit, intentional mental programming by ways of media (mental stimulation of low-energy human desires), amongst others.

There’s a common cause-and-effect out there — particularly in the United States. It’s something that has recently taken hold of the people and it’s causing serious problems.

Political correctness.

Political correctness is something I’d prefer not to spend a lot of time on but,  but this is something that must be addressed.
I fear that if people don’t soon analyze this – the damage will become irreversible and the next generation will suffer far more than anyone realizes.

Sun displaying its own genius

Sun displaying its own genius

The world we know today — the comfort we are able to embrace at night as we rest, the opportunity and/or chance to pursue our passions, the ability to fight for what we believe is right, or the ability to develop ourselves in the pursuit of self-mastery — all will become a colorful memory about the way things used to be.
This is not to say that change should be met with resistance but, we can all agree that giving up a sense of contentment and peace is not something we’re interested in.

Political correctness defined:

According to Merriam-Webster:
The term politically correct means: Agreeing with the idea that people should be careful to not use language or behave in a way that could offend a particular group of people.

Full Definition of Politically correct: Conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities (as in matters of sex or race) should be eliminated.

Now that we have it defined – have you ever been offended?
If so, what happened?

Think about that for a few moments.

If you’re a rational human being, you probably reacted the way most other rational humans react – with a slight tilt of the head, a smirk, and then an internal dialogue that went something like this —
“What is this? They don’t agree with my beliefs, embrace my ideas, share my cultural values, or ride on the same spiritual train as me? That’s okay.”

If you’re irrational and have bought into the mass illusion that you must fight, seek to change others, or take the beliefs of others as a personal attack… this is hurdle number one for the human race.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to evolve.

Political correctness is certainly one of the major reasons we, as a species, are on a collision course with ourselves. It’s time we put aside the pretentious concepts that everyone must comfort everyone else and cease traditions due to a handful of offended minorities.
It’s wrong and everyone knows it.
It’s time we embrace personal responsibility and embrace differences. Do not be fooled by this manufactured disillusionment.

People can’t say words that may hurt feelings, people can’t display decorations…decorations that are so old in a tradition that most of our Grandmother’s Great-Grandmother’s enjoyed them — without incident and without worry of offending a narrow-minded human.

Imagine what the forests, rivers, rocks, trees, mountains, our neighboring planets, or our oceans would think about us being offended by differences within our own species.

Never have I heard an apple tree being offended that a pineapple tree is growing pineapples instead of apples. How dare it!
Each tree is living its purpose – unapologetically and doing it without resistance from external sources. The apple tree is living its nature and is not going to apologize to, or change for, the pineapple tree.

Seems simple, right?

The pineapple tree is living its nature so, it’s not expecting an apology or a change in behavior from the apple tree. Both trees are alive, breathing, creating, and evolving – just as humans.

It’s time we look to nature for solutions — as opposed to hundreds of outdated, agenda-driven, corporate-influenced politicians who pretend they are working for the people while making decisions.

I am not suggesting that people, regardless of the religious or political arena they reside in, completely alter their behavior. I am suggesting (mainly to all those who are easily offended by words/public displays of faith and so on) to stop taking things personally. Embrace your individual faith, your beliefs, your culture, your ideas, and your life.

Live passionately but, keep them within you. As you embrace your subjective ideas and beliefs, you must also understand and accept that people may view their existence differently– and that’s perfectly fine. Neither of you are wrong.

In fact, it’s a good thing. If we were all the same — that is if we all held the same beliefs, the same cultural narratives, the same faith, and never explored other possibilities — life would be less colorful and an insufferable bore.

We can have a colorful existence with the way things are now.
It’s not only possible — it’s easily attainable.

Christians, Muslims, Jewish, Buddhists (not a religion – an experience), Hindu’s, Islamists, Taoists (also not a religion), and everything else from Wiccans to Satanists to Scientology — we are all the same.

The only thing that separates us is our brain chemistry.

Brain chemistry differences are not offensive. 

I must note that my personal religious beliefs do not fully reside with any one group. I do not worship anything. I have immeasurable amounts of love for myself, nature, and the energy that binds everything together — I just have no name for it and I don’t live by a set of rules or commandments — I rely on intuition and intrinsic human emotions for a connection to the universe.
If you think that’s wrong — that’s okay. I respect that.

And this is where the change should take place. If we don’t see life in the same context or if we don’t share the same religious beliefs — it’s 100% okay. Embrace the differences in others and do not show animosity toward them for embracing their subjective reality.

I know we can all find common ground. There are many different paths to take that ultimately take us home — perhaps we are all right about the destination and the ultimate creator is playing all the parts at once.

If that is the situation — enjoy your view and allow others to enjoy theirs as we navigate our way home — smooth sailing on different roads.

Thanks for reading, my friends
As always, much Love