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CoDe SaIn – The Writing Journal Journey






Once upon a time on a dark and stormy night – I ponder, for hours, on how I can start a post about these 4 key elements.
Then it dawns on me — “Look in your private journal!”
I jump up and run to my desk. I sit down in my chair, scan the desk, and it occurs to me that I don’t even have a private journal.

That instant reaction to check something that I didn’t own at the time was a clear indication — It was time for a change.

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You Are an Essential Ingredient to Existence

Get outside and allow the sounds
to move the hairs in your inner ear – with no judgment or reasoning

Have you ever stood in the rain and felt sincere gratitude that you’re able to experience that specific moment? Feeling the droplets of water crash into your skin?
How about sitting quietly outside – focused on nothing but the sounds of the nearby birds? Not in a way that attempts to figure out the meaning behind their endless chirping but – in a way to simply allow the sounds into your mind. Be present and experience the sense of hearing as nature sings?

If you have never done this – I encourage you to do this.
With that being said –

I do not meditate.

Not in the traditional manner – that is.

The most frequent response I get from this is something similar to this: (paraphrased)

“Why do you choose to not meditate? Isn’t it a good practice and/or ritual to maintain healthy spiritual/mental well-being?”

My response to that:

I certainly have no issues with meditation. If it works for you – that’s fantastic.
Maybe you’re interested or intrigued by a certain meditative practice – if so, you should investigate it and check it out.
I am in no way attempting to convince you that meditation is wrong or that you shouldn’t immerse yourself in your own curiosities. You definitely should investigate your curiosities – Always and without hesitation.

Why I stopped practicing meditation

A beautiful butterfly.

Meditation is absolutely 100% subjective.
That is to say – there is no definitive guide as to how to do it. Everyone has their own unique method of achieving stillness of the mind.
Sure, we all start with ideas and techniques from others but, in the end as our style develops, we shed some of those techniques for things we’ve learned along the way. Granted, many of the techniques and/or methods used remain similar – it’s safe to assume we bring our own personality and perceptions to the mix once we’re quietly engaged.

So far, so good.

After a few months of making meditation a priority – I slowly began to realize something.
Taking my perception into account – which is:

All events, situations, happenings – essentially everything that has happened in your life (and mine and everyone else’s) is somehow, in some way, connected and necessary for the other. This connection is likely beyond our human level of perception – its foundation is not capable of being perceived.
Life itself is one event, one happening. Not a series of events – which is how we perceive it now. How we’re molded to perceive it. Molded mainly through social institutions and societal structural values/beliefs handed down to us from the time we’re born to this present moment.

Our perception of time has a lot to do with this

Think about it like this –
The words you’re reading at this very moment is what this entire show is about. This connection between the two of us- at this moment with you reading these words after I’ve written them, holds the secret to the entire universe.

I know…sounds crazy, right?
I do believe it is true, though.
This is not me boasting about my writing, this is about you carrying out an action that is ultimately creating the entire universe. This could be anyone’s perception reading anyone’s words. It makes no difference.

In that moment – that conscious action is what the universe is manifesting. With the present moment being all there is – all past events are created in that moment as well. The present moment and our perception of time have a lot to do with it,  I believe.  

So – if I am practicing an art form that aims to quiet the natural flow of thoughts – thus disrupting the flow of creation and rhythm of energy – it shows that I do not truly understand that every moment of my life is what the universe is doing. It’s the main attraction. The ultimate show of shows. It’s music. Why aim to alter the natural flow?

Who am I to assume that life, this present moment, is not up to par and my subjective perceptions must be altered?

What do you think about this? Do you practice the art of meditation? If so – has it been an effective tool for you? I’d love to hear your take on this.

Thanks for reading, my friends.

As Always, Much Love.

-Matthew Frederick.


The Ultimate Reality – You Are the Entire Cosmos

I am 36 years old.
The Earth has completed 36 rotations around the sun during my physical existence. The ultimate carnival ride, right?


As a child, I was continually exposed to Christianity. It started early. If my memory serves me well, I’d say it began at the age of 5 or 6.

On Sundays, my family and I would attend church services. My brother and I attended “Sunday School” at the church before the sermon. I guess the reason for this was to mold our young, innocent minds?
Sunday School was strange. I recall feeling

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Genius and creativity

What is 1+2? 

 is the value of 1? 

 is the value of 2? 

 we take the value of 1 and add it to the value of 2, what is the outcome? 

Given what we have learned throughout our lives, the value we get is 3. Now, my question is this – Do you accept this?

Is there any part of your mind that has a desire to question it or are you 100% sold on 1+2=3? If you do have, even a slight hesitation to accept it, then you’re on the right track. 

1+2=3 is an overly simple exame of this concept but, it works. When you have a mindset of never being satisfied, never accepting anything at face value, or have the tendency to question things that often go unquestioned – you are a unique breed. You should fully embrace and explore this.

Let’s be clear – I am not referring to an existence consumed with questioning and never trusting instincts. That approach to life could be the cause of insanity and frequent panic attacks. I am referring to knowing who you are, trusting yourself, and never being satisfied with what you’ve been taught. Living a life that builds upon reaching new ideas and new concepts. Embracing life and allowing curiosity to flourish. Informing yourself about things you are unfamiliar with. Count on direct experience to determine your opinions. Take the opinions of others and utilize them but, never allow their opinions to fully form your own.

This is your world. This is your show and you are every cast member, the makeup artists, the producer, the director, and the stunt doubles. The root of your perception and your physical reality is your mind. Everything you see, hear, touch, smell, and taste adds to your direct experience.

The most common response I get from people when I ask about their main objective in life is, “I just want to be happy.” While this is a nice thought and a reasonable goal – I feel it’s cause for concern. Being happy, while a highly profound state to live in,  is largely due to familiarity with the other emotions we possess. Being familiar with other emotions and feelings can make those moments of happiness and bliss even more satisfying.  Feeling anxious, depressed, hopeless, angry, betrayed, bitter, or cynical are never goals we set out to achieve – but these feelings and emotions are inevitable. 

Granted, many of these emotions stem from personal choices and decisions we make in response to them but, ultimately, they occur in all of us. It’s a certainty in life and these emotions should be embraced. We are designed to feel these things. It’s a culmination of direct experiences and human emotions that guide us through life. Everything you experience, every person you meet adds a little spice to your bowl of life.

Focus, fearlessness, resilience, and embracing life – including the temporary darkness – is the path to inspiration abundancy. The photo below is a clear example of focus and patience. That is John Te. He’s Mr. Hyde.

JtE paints
Click image to check out his Instagram page.

 Mainstream and cultural beliefs alter focus. Superfluous programming takes precedence over factual data and worthy information. Superficial redundancy breeds illness, apathy, and weakens an already disconnected individual. Many like to claim that people are crazy, insane, stupid, or just plain nuts. Everyone believes everyone else is crazy. Nobody ever claims themselves as one of the infamous “horrible drivers” we all talk about. Nobody claims to be one of the ‘crazy people.’ This, I believe, is a product of living in a society that sustains itself on fear-driven, love-struck by disaster, mainstream media reporting. Repetition is powerful. Regardless of how enlightened or “awake” you feel you are. Subconsciously aimed repetitiveness will find a hole in your mind and enter it with ease. You may be asking – What exactly do you mean by repetition – what kind of repetition?

Repetition comes in many forms. It can be friends or associations. It can be mainstream media or any television programming. It can be rules and regulations made up by people of “power.” It can even be taken to the depths of religious beliefs. Molding a child’s mind and perception of reality before a true sense of questioning anything develops. This is all done by repetitive interaction – either verbally or by electronic media.

Egoism, individuality, and self-defining – overshadow the true self and the unity we all share with each other. It’s a transparent desire to seek shiny toys. The search for shiny, seemingly unreachable, possessions is a primal approach. Like a caveman who found the biggest rock in the cave. He pounds his chest knowing his possession created a tiny sliver of envy in the other cavemen. Possessions do not define you. Your truck. Your house. Your bank account. Your hat collection. Your shoes.  They are just “things.”  Sought-after human inventions while we travel this human experience. I won’t sit here and write about how possessions are completely primal and should be avoided, however, it does create an issue if it is the dominant force that is driving your will. Nature, enlightenment, a constant state of amazement, and gratitude. Life is beautiful – This is where you find answers and calmness.

I’ve heard the argument that, “If possessions make people happy – then what’s the problem with it?”

While this is a nice sentiment and, at face value, seems innocent and perhaps has some validity. I am a firm believer in ‘inner-happiness’ being the only true happiness we can achieve. Possession-based contentment or possession-based happiness is an externally focused state-of-mind. There is not even a percentage of your true self that is defined by external means. The true self is internal. The search for your true calling and your true identity is within you. 100% within you. Living in a ‘possession-obsessed’ society where excess and decadent desires are often praised – It’s difficult to break free from this toxicity. I can prove this to you if you are questioning me. (Which you should be doing anyway) Do this – Go to your TV or turn on the radio and tune to a station that is music or news. I promise that within an hour – you will know what to buy, what is bad for you, what is good for you, and what dis-ease you probably have and which medication you need to “Talk to your doctor about.”

Proof we’re connected – Natural disasters – The primary first response people get within them, in their heart, is an instant need/desire to help. This isn’t a form of individuality or indicative of a nice person. It’s a common emotion that exists all over the world. It’s a sub-section or product of our collective consciousness. When we get this feeling of wanting to help others who have just suffered a tragic life experience – we are ultimately getting this desire to help ourselves because we are all one unit of consciousness.

An intense shift is required. Not a change in political policies. (Although some would certainly be beneficial) Not a different person sitting in the White House. (This would be beneficial as well) A collective understanding. Perhaps it’s time we get back to our roots and slow down. Yes, we need to slow down.

Life continues to amaze me. I can’t express how grateful I am to be a part of this. I’ll let you in on my most recent “wow” moment. It happened just a few hours ago. I took a break from writing this post to put some gasoline in my Jeep. I get up early in the morning so it’s best if I don’t have a bunch of stuff to do before I get to work. Anyway – I make it to the gas station and all the pumps are occupied by other drivers. I pull up behind a car and begin waiting for the man to finish pumping his gas. As I sit there and look around, I begin to feel the energy from everyone. The life stories that surround me. Billions of experiences and stories within a 30-foot radius. I glance over to the pay booth and the clerk (Girl – mid-20’s) opens the side door and comes out with a broom and a dustpan. She begins to sweep around a few vending machines. I become consumed with thoughts of life, movements, and constant changes. People working menial jobs just to have the means to buy food and shelter themselves. (and perhaps their family) Sacrifices. Selfless acts. Random acts of kindness. I felt love and I could not tell you exactly who or what it came from. I didn’t care. It felt nice. I felt human – and that is what life is all about. Standing alone, pumping gas, and smiling while looking at the sky.

In this moment – all I saw was a dark sky. No substance, no clouds, no sun, no stars, no moon…but it was incredibly beautiful.

Thanks for reading, my friends.

As always, Much Love –


A Social Media Compilation and Some News.

wpid-20150912_150316.jpgHello, my friends!
I have a few pieces in work – expect to see the first by Tuesday evening or Wednesday afternoon.
The adventure has, unfortunately, delayed work on the blog. I don’t want to try to explain (and most likely bore you) with the details.
Rest assured, though, the posts will show up more often as we move forward. Regular blog postings are essential.
I haven’t told anyone about the plans I have. Yay for secrets! Don’t worry – the secret will be out soon – and you’re going to love it.

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Awakened to a Cosmic Riddle.

autumn-sunriseHave you ever risen in the morning, after a 6-8 hour sleep session, and felt as if your spirit spent the night away from your body? That happened to me this morning. I spent the last 30 minutes or so talking to a drawing of a fish (my son drew it for me) and asking him/her how I could explain this experience in writing. More specifically – in a way that would make sense.
The reason I felt compelled to discuss this with an inanimate object is because I often get my best advice from things that do not speak. Or listen. Or understand…I suppose I just need something to look at while I am thinking.

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Be Still and Listen – You Already Have the Answers.

thinking-304955-mLife is short. We hear this sentiment often, don’t we? What does it really mean, though? When people say this, I believe they are referring to living a fearless type of lifestyle. Not wreck-less, but fearless. Purely intentional – stretching yourself and testing your own beliefs on limitations placed into your mind by a structured system.
This is what I believe is often lost in translation – Embrace the unknown.
When you stretch yourself, more specifically your mind – you put yourself in a state of feeling mentally uncomfortable or spiritually unsure. This feeling of discomfort is necessary.

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Consciousness, Imagination, and the Creation of Reality.

Photo by John Te

Can the result of a creative endeavor be significantly impacted based on the  surroundings of the creative? I ask this because I often question if I am receiving the energy of others nearby and inadvertently crossing our waves.

I do feel most at ease when I write in silence – alone.

Writers, artists, painters, dancers, sculptors, musicians, and so on have this to some degree. In fact, I believe even those who aren’t creating within the physical realm have this. We are all creative by nature. We are gifted these flesh-covered transportation systems with the same tools in the trunk.

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