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Celebrate the Success of Others

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Celebrate the Personal Success

of Your Family and Friends

My last post was a showing of love for my friends and family. 

This is something that has been at the forefront lately.

So much so, I decided that Sunday’s post:

Love, Creative Disciplines, Support, and Perfection

Would be part 1 of a 2 part post. This post being part 2.

I knew this before I hit the publish button last Sunday afternoon .

How did I know this?
It’s simple:

I love my family and friends -but it’s not expressed to them as often as it should be.


Sunday, January 7th, 2018
a few hours before I sat down to write:


I am standing in the grass looking for shapes in the clouds on a beautiful Sunday morning in Oregon. I’ve seen many incredible sunsets/sunrises over the past couple of months. 

I will not be in Oregon much longer but, when I leave, I will always remember the stunning views I experienced while here.

A picturesque scene:


Standing in the park – green grass under my feet and I am drinking my first cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee. I think of my Mom. Thoughts of her appear often and after 18 years of it, it has become routine –  I have become accustomed to it, but the impact is always powerful. Today is different, though.

January 7th is Mom’s birthday. 

I look up and smile at the clouds. I’m instantly humbled and in awe of the beauty I am witnessing. The way the sunlight reflects the colors off of the clouds -while being the backdrop to the most incredible green trees towering above and around me. 

The heat and energy of the sun warms my face. Dozens of various birds fill the air around me with their beautiful sounds. It is  visually stunning and more inspiring than any music I’ve heard on earth.

I feel love…as if I am being comforted by the wind and trees – it was distinctive, intuitive, and seemingly a part of me. It wasn’t veiled or trying to hide.

I allowed it and didn’t question it’s arrival or purpose. It was there and I felt gratitude on a profound level.

In this moment I have no responsibilities, no expectations, no time limits on anything, no place to go, or nothing to do. 

I am.


I am this collection of cells experiencing and realizing my own existence – in my nature. Nothing around me has serious meaning or labels. It’s like this: It is and I am. It is and I am. 


In reference to not showing or expressing the love I have for family and friends:

This instantaneous, inspired-based, decision to not allow regret to dominate my focus, lower my energy or verbally abuse myself internally with explicit self-talk…

I returned to my chair and started writing…


As I started writing, the act itself was effortless – with very few moments of pause during the initial draft. Pure truth poured out of me and felt as if I was subjectively watching myself write it. The words came from something else. They are doing the same thing right now.

This is to say – the words came one-by-one – without effort and from an energy or source beyond my perception.

It’s not Matthew writing. It’s words appearing here by way of using Matthew as a means of going from the formless to this physical realm/nature.

With that said – I’d like to send more Love today by giving a few more friends a much deserved mention – in fact, I wish I would have included them in Sunday’s post but…I didn’t. I don’t know why – either way, they are here now.

Here’s 3 more awesome friends that share their gifts and talents with the world:


Eddie Pinero – Entrepreneur / Speaker

I met Eddie 4 years ago. I left a comment on one of his YouTube videos. He replied and asked for the link to this blog and we’ve been talking since.

Eddie is the creator and founder of

The following is an excerpt from his website:
“Eddie Pinero is a speaker and producer from Boston, Ma with a passion for inspiring others.
An avid runner and former D1 athlete, Eddie has taken his competitive mindset to the realm of entrepreneurship, creating multiple businesses and reaching millions of entrepreneurs, athletes, and others around the globe.”

In just over 4 years after creating his YouTube page

He has 129,000 subscribers.

Check out his content and you’ll see why he has surpassed 100k so quickly – a much deserved milestone, my friend.

An info graphic from his website:

128,000 YouTube Subscribers
122,000 Instagram Followers
16500 Facebook Fans
31000 Spotify Monthly Listeners

To connect with Eddie on these and other social media platforms – you can find the list of links on the main page of his website:

(They are located directly after a Mark Twain quote that I will share at the end of this post)

Keep up the inspiring work, Eddie.


Ana Nikic – Wedding Photographer

I met Ana and her amazing family a couple of years ago when they moved into the townhouse next to mine.
Shortly after they (Ana, her husband and their young boy) moved in, we were doing the neighborly thing and introducing ourselves and chatting about various subjects. This is when I found out she had recently taken the jump and started her own business. Ana is a professional photographer – specializing in weddings.

Her website is:

There you can read all about her, see an extensive collection of her captivating photos, and read testimonials from many satisfied couples that hired Ana to document their wedding.

Ana and her husband now have 2 little ones – adding a beautiful little girl to their family 2 years ago.
Great neighbors, always incredibly friendly, and helpful – Ana brought that same mindset to her business.

For more or to inquire about services – visit her at:

Danna Beal – Author and Speaker

I met Danna in an interesting way. I was online using a local sales site (similar to craigslist) because I was in need of a small TV for my office area.

One of the first ads I checked was hers and she was selling exactly what I needed and at an incredibly fair price. So I replied, of course.

After a few hours of the initial exchange of information via  emails – I was driving to Bellevue, WA to pick up the TV.

On the drive, she called me and said she saw my email signature, which contains my website URL, and found out that I am a writer. Turns out, so is she – a successful one too.

Danna was amazingly nice when I arrived. She even gave me a signed copy of her book, “The Extraordinary Workplace: Replacing Fear with Trust and Compassion.”

Her website:

There’s so much great content there such as:

The accolades speak for themselves.
She has another site, as well. It is an extension of her main page. Check it out here:

Danna, your work and the  dedication you showcase is inspiring. Your message and commitment provide tremendous value to others. Thank you for the work you do and I’m honored to have met you.

Well, That’s all Folks!

But first:

Here’s the Mark Twain quote I promised:

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did do.
So throw off the bowlines.

Sail away from the safe harbor.

Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Mark Twain

As Always, Thanks for Reading.

Much Love, My Friends.

  –Matthew Frederick


Love, Creative Disciplines, Support, and Perfection


Beliefs and Character Differences Should Not be Divisive

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