wpid-screenshot_2015-09-05-16-44-12-1-1-1.pngCompassion. Dedication. Sacrifice. Intent.

Once upon a time on a dark and stormy night – I ponder, for hours, on how I can start a post about these 4 key elements.
Then it dawns on me — “Look in your private journal!”
I jump up and run to my desk. I sit down in my chair, scan the desk, and it occurs to me that I don’t even have a private journal.

That instant reaction to check something that I didn’t own at the time was a clear indication — It was time for a change.

That happened almost 2 years ago. I now have a private journal – in fact, I have several of them. Inside of them, you’ll find poetry, dozens of 200-word short stories, ideas, life experiences, memories, spiritual experiences, my thoughts on hundreds of cultural issues, political views, and many more.

The private journals transformed my writing. Looking back now – I can clearly see a shift that took place right about the time it became a habit to add to the journals. If you’re a writer, you know the feeling I am hinting to. The thoughts begin to flow in a way that allows you to catch them as you write. There is not much pause in the process of your writing. You begin to attract ideas – and break those ideas down into smaller, more detailed, ideas. You begin to develop consistency. Consistency, when combined with a few other factors, is the key to achieving any long-term goal.

I started this blog on March 18, 2015. At the time, I had no idea what I was trying to do with it or where I wanted to go with it. All I knew is I wanted to write and I wanted to share it with you.
Here we are — September 16th and I am still not entirely sure where this blog is going. My takeaway — it’s okay. It’s none of my business where it is going. It becomes my business as things happen. The future of the blog…not my business.
It feels like alignment when I am writing — so I write.  I dedicate myself to the craft. I strive to become better every time I sit down to write.Journalimage

You have goals. You have that inner-voice. I know you do. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this. So, from this point, we can set aside any doubts about you having the desire. The drive. That fundamental knowing that calls to you every day.
Now we’re getting to the meat of this. I love progress!

Why is it some people, with tremendous amounts of talent, ultimately don’t live up to expectations – of themselves and of others? Is it due to a false perception? Unreasonably high expectations from their peers? Most likely, it’s neither. A large majority of people who fail to meet personal goals or expectations are missing key elements in character. It’s that simple.

It could be one – or it could be a few of them. You remember the first 4 words of this post – Compassion, Dedication, Sacrifice, and Intent. These are keys. These keys must be maintained and respected. If these keys are maintained and respected, they will open doors that you didn’t even know existed. These are not in any specific order. They are all essential in their own right and none of them takes precedence over another. And all 4 keys, when pieced together, mold together to form a skeleton key to the castle of creativity. The first key is Compassion.

Compassion. Living life with compassion is one of the most valuable traits a person can have. It sets aside the “me” in most situations. You are fully capable of connecting with other people. When I say connecting, I am not referring to communicating. Communication is, of course, a component to connecting, but it goes deeper than that. Connecting is part of the “good vibe” sensation. Often you’ll meet people who just make you feel good. They make you feel at ease. You are comfortable with them. They inspire you – often times just by being in their presence.

Those feelings are your intuition matching up with their compassionate state as they sync together like a cosmic puzzle piece. Compassion makes you feel and understand. It is essential in connecting with your audience. Compassion is highly valuable and every person on the planet can feel it, without spoken words, if it’s genuine.

Dedication. This key is the most obvious element. You must remain dedicated to what you’re pursuing. Consistent and deliberate thought processes of the reasons you are doing what you’re doing. Constant self-check-ins throughout the day.
It’s important to have a reason. To have a “why” in your actions. Why are you doing this? Why are you reading this blog? Why are you pursuing that goal? Why? Take some time and figure out why you are doing this and then write it down. Once you get that “why” written down, make it visible. Create that constant, visual reminder of your why.

On the days when things get rough, the days you feel alone, the days you have thoughts of wanting to quit – Look at your “why” and allow it to bring you back to life.

Sacrifice. You will, at some point, be faced with decisions. Decisions that will create your path and will mold you. Stay in the moment and remember this – If you want something bad enough, you will sacrifice the old and familiar to meet that goal. Regardless of what it is, it can be sacrificed. (maintain common sense here – no sacrificing your neighbor’s cat) Do you feel you never have enough time in the day? Sacrifice some of your comfort time to meet that goal. Sacrifice sleep to meet that goal. Break away from the comfort of safety and familiarity.

Get out of there as quickly as possible. If you are interested in growing intellectually, spiritually, financially, academically, relationally, or anything else – it’s extremely important to challenge yourself and try something new.

Intent. You must have this key and hold on to it tight. The intent is the shape of your skeleton key. It’s the ultimate driver. Your intent is everything. What is your intention? What are you wanting out of this – for yourself or others, or both? The intent is part of the reason you started this journey. Feel that energy, don’t allow your intent to become cloudy by external sources. Your intent is your vision. It’s the reason you’re doing what you’re doing. Even at this moment, as you read these words, your intent is driving you.

Your intent must remain powerful and it must be a force. This force will keep you getting up every single day, regardless of knock-downs and setbacks, and carry you through the mud if you’re wounded.sunset-1360220

This is my extremely short rundown of the 4 elements.
So, how does this tie-in with writing and/or the “love of personal writing journals” at the beginning of this post? It’s simple:
After spending a few days scouring my personal journals, I found a common theme in all of them. This theme showed up in many places across a range of topics.

The theme is: Dedicate yourself to what you love. You love it because it’s closely related to your cosmic intention. Show compassion to everyone (including yourself) and sacrifice the superficial, redundant distractions that slow your progression.

This theme is not written word-for-word anywhere in those journals but, the 4 keys are prevalent. I wrote for many years on paper. Only on paper and if I had to summarize all of those writings into one small paragraph – that would be it.
Going through all those journals created a self-discovery moment and an understanding to how self-actualization is a constant progression. We are constantly in motion. Constantly evolving and flourishing. Life – this is one hell of a ride and I am having a great time.

Live your life with passion. Every morning, eat a huge bowl of gratitude loops with 2 glasses of water. Look around you for a few moments and truly take in your environment. Feel the energy that surrounds you. Take it in and embrace it. Then, as you begin your day, remember CoDe SaIn.


What do you think about the 4 keys? Do you believe there are more than 4? I’d love to read your comments. Feel free to email me directly if you prefer to avoid public discussion. 

As always – much love.

Thanks for reading.