Good morning, my friends.

I am starting a 31-day exercise today. This exercise is something I already do every day but, not with the precise tracking and accountability as this one. The goal of this 31-day exercise is to write, at least, 500 words every day for a month. Allowable content consists of blog postings, fiction/nonfiction work, or basically anything that isn’t email.

My 500 Words

My 500 Words

I got an email from, best-selling author, Jeff Goins this morning. Jeff’s most notable works are You Are A Writer (so start acting like one) and The Art of Work. I’ve read both books and I highly recommend them. In his message this morning, he discussed some of  the most significant reasons why many writers never get past the “someday I will find more time to write” trap. I call it a trap because once you start thinking that way, the odds are good the writer will never write a single word. It’s a dangerous thought process. Nothing will ever be ideal to begin that journey.

If you are a writer or if you have a burning desire to write — the formula is actually simple. You sit down and write. There is no way around it. If you want to write, if you want to be a writer or author, it all starts with you writing the words. Thinking about writing isn’t writing. Talking about writing isn’t writing. Daydreaming about writing isn’t writing. Writing is writing.

I am in the process of writing my first eBook. The day I decided to start this project it was, temporarily, overwhelming. I realized I had to learn aspects of the writing world I was not familiar with. I had to inform myself on the Amazon-Kindle processes. Learn how to convert files to support the processes. Learn about book cover designs and how to create them. I had to study the Amazon marketplace, eBook marketing, and so-on.

After taking a couple of days to arrange everything in my mind and outline a path to acquire this knowledge, it wasn’t as intimidating. In fact, it didn’t seem too difficult at all.
Was it going to take some time? Of course. Was it going to require more sacrifice of free time? Absolutely. Was I okay with all of this? You better believe it.

I wrote a blog post about dedication and intent a couple of weeks ago. That is basically what this post is about as well. If you’re passionate about something or if you have a distinct desire to create, an itch stemming from your soul — it’s your responsibility to explore it. Explore it until you’ve examined every blade of grass on that island. Develop a single-minded focus for it and then plant more grass and build a hut. Leave a small space for a fire pit – because you know you want one.

If you still have a palpable curiosity after all the exploring – you’ve barely begun your journey. At that point, you’ve discovered the foundational piece of your cosmic puzzle. You’ll discover the remaining pieces as you continue the journey. Follow your heart and intuition and the pieces will fall into your lap at the most unexpected moments. The most exciting part of this cosmic puzzle is that the size of your puzzle is entirely up to you.

Life is constantly moving. You are getting older by the second. Life will continue to move regardless of your participation.
The sideline is overcrowded. Check-in and come out here on the field. This is where the action is. This is where the fun is. This is where life is happening. This is where you want to be.
In fact…I believe I saw one of your puzzle pieces a couple of hours ago by the miniature golf course. Hole 1.

As always, thanks for reading.

Much love, my friends.