I want you to envision a tiny version of yourself sitting in your mind. If you want an example of what mine looks like; I sit on the top row of the bleachers.

The bleachers are above my left ear facing in. I barely move in either realm. I sit quietly and observe my thoughts. I have zero judgments or opinions as I watch. Each thought, or set of thoughts, come in from the right side through my ear. Sometimes it gets loud — it’s okay. That’s normal

They are always loud — you just never realize it because you’re never this close to the action. Usually, you are outside of this dome focusing on some external stuff. So yeah, don’t concern yourself with the decibel level.

Yesterday, I briefly mentioned a time frame for each set. This will vary by person. Some will stay in the middle for 15-20 minutes. Some never stop once they get inside, meaning they are in and out within one minute. It all depends on how much negative energy is built up within your castle.

If you are generally stressed out or worried on a frequent basis, this practice will be challenging at first…I can’t stress enough though, do not give up on it. Don’t try this for one or two days and then convince yourself you can’t do it.

Did you learn to walk in 2 days? No. Did you give up after falling on your diaper-cushioned ass for weeks or months? No, you didn’t. Resiliency was the only option. Giving up wasn’t even a thought, was it? That is why you know how to walk.


Any habit you strive to break or alter, in an attempt to make a positive change, will be challenging. We all know this. We’ve all been punched in the mouth by life. Those moments are opportunities. Life is giving you a gift. Another chance to solve a crisis the right way so you can move past it and grow.

Don’t give up. Do this every day. If you don’t do this form of meditation, look into something similar. My opinion on meditation is that it’s 100% personal. No meditation is more beneficial than another. This thing about some meditation techniques being vastly superior is nothing more than the evilness of ego/being ahead/being better, making its way into the most precious area of our lives.

Meditation. Do what works for YOU. Once you find it, stick with it. What other people do is not relevant to you. Not even a little.

If you remain consistent, you will find what you’re looking for faster than you anticipate. Do not skip days. Every day. Every day. Every day. Regardless of how you feel. Regardless of how tired you think you are. Make it a priority. This must be the approach to anything if you wish to achieve mastery or greatness.

To conclude the left ear nose-bleeds:
Remember, you are not there to defend, give power to, argue with, agree with, analyze, compromise and so-on; you are there just to see them in the flesh, in a sense. As you sit still and give your attention to your mind, the thoughts will begin to obey your silent orders.

Allow the thoughts to hang out for a bit before you kick them out. Watch them while they begin to leave toward the left ear…as soon as they are out of sight, slightly turn your head over to the right, as if you’re turning to look at the entrance on the right side. Sit back, relax, and watch the show.


Oh, and one more piece of advice. When you enter this space within your mind – leave your phone outside. Leave your iPad outside. In fact, just go in there wearing boxer shorts and take a blanket with you.
You can thank me later in the form of no-bake peanut butter chocolate oatmeal cookies.

As always, thanks for reading

Much love, my friends