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Open letter to Mr Resistance

An open letter to Mr. Resistance

Mr. Resistance –

      It is 1:31 AM — Thursday morning. We both know why I am starting my daily blog post so late, don’t we? Yes…yes, we do.

I wish I could see your face. I am assuming you look upset. You didn’t think I’d even get to this tonight, did you? Man…when are you going to learn?
You can’t stop me.

wpid-img_20150222_101824.jpgI bully myself more often and with more intensity than anything you do. The only way you will stop me from writing is if you do something to me physically — something that completely takes away my fundamental ability to write or speak.

I want to make this clear to you one more time: You will not win. Ever. I will win every single time you challenge me.

If you knock me down — I will get back up immediately. If you knock me down again — I will get back up immediately. If you sucker-punch me to the back of my head — I will fall to the ground, embrace the pain, and get back up as I dust off my shirt and wink at you.
Every time you take a shot at me and I continue moving forward, I get closer. If you want me to stop, if you want a break from this ridiculous ritual — you’ll have to kill me.

It’s that simple.

The universe is love. The universe knows the truth. Thoughts have energy. The universe is energy. Manifestations are spawned from energy. The universe knows the truth about everything — including my intentions. Including your delusions. Including your paranoia. Including my true reasons on why giving up will never be an option.

I certainly don’t have all night to explain to you why I am more powerful than you are. I am sure you know this already. You’ve hit me hard a few times and I’m still here. Lately, you’ve been wildly swinging at me — most of them I dodge but when you do land one to my chin, I take it, stand up straight, and continue moving. I don’t even try to block your punches anymore — you want to know why?

Each haymaker that I absorb, I gain more than I lose. So, by all means, continue wasting your time with me.

I’ll put it to you this way — think about this next time you’re at home plotting your next move:

While you sit in your house devising your plans, I am in your driveway doing pushups. Come on outside.

If you’re coming out, do it soon…

…because I have things to do.


P.S. I kinda miss you when you’re not around.


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