The message the Chinese Bamboo Tree offers is something that is difficult to grasp in our world today. Everything is fast. Millions of instant-result products are marketed toward consumers all over the world – every day.

Slowing down and allowing a natural progression to occur is a key ingredient to achieving calmness within you. Nothing is forced in nature yet nothing is left undone. Everything is completed and it’s completed on-time every time.
Let’s revisit the lesson of this beautiful tree.

The Chinese Bamboo tree.

sunlight-shining-through-mist-and-tropical-foliageThe Chinese Bamboo tree, once planted, must be watered and nurtured on a consistent basis during an entire growing season. After one growing season, the Chinese Bamboo tree will not grow at all, not even an inch. The second growing season (2nd year), the Chinese Bamboo tree must be watered and nurtured again consistently during the entire growing season. After the second growing season, the Chinese Bamboo tree will still be under the surface of the soil and still not even an inch tall. For four years, the Chinese Bamboo tree must be watered and nurtured on a consistent basis – In fact, if at any time, the Chinese Bamboo tree is not nurtured, it slows the progress of the tree’s growth and often will die in the ground before breaking the surface.

On the fifth year, if properly nurtured, the Chinese Bamboo tree breaks through the surface and grows to an amazing 80 feet in one season! Now, did it take the tree one year to grow 80 feet or did it take 5 years? The answer is clear – it took 5 years. The road to reaching our full potential is paved with years, sometimes decades, of silent progress. Hidden away in the soil of our minds as we develop our craft. Don’t lose hope due to lack of instant progress. Imagination is the accelerator in reaching the surface.

Never quit.

Even if all the noise you hear around you is telling you otherwise.

If you have a vision. Go now.
Don’t ask for permission.
Don’t wait for better circumstances to even get started.

Go now. Why are you still reading this?
Go do your life’s work and spread love everywhere you go.

Much Love,