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Connect The Cosmic Dots and Color them

North Pole Northern Lights Taurora

North Pole Northern Lights Taurora

Following your path is the ultimate adventure. The question I receive from many people, including my own internal dialogue is, “How do you find your path…how do you know when you’re on the right path?”

The more I think about this, the more it makes sense to me. You don’t find it. You work toward it. And at the same time, it finds you. I call this Motivation reproduction sequence. Your path is seeking you as much as you’re seeking it.
The most important aspect of “finding your purpose” isn’t the purpose itself. If you have a dream, the dream is secondary to what truly matters.
What could be more important than my dream? What is more important than finding and pursuing my passion or purpose?

Well… it’s the path we take to get there.
You heard correctly — it’s the work, the resilience you build, the knowledge you acquire, the lessons you learn from getting knocked on your ass multiple times and getting back up. All these things (and more) are more important than the end-goals we have in our minds.

Our job, while we travel this human experience, is to live fully inspired and as often as possible. Seek what inspires you. All day. Every day. Make it work around the mundane lifestyle that is forced upon us by the society we live in. Accept society. Be careful with your thoughts about this. Society is necessary but, remain cautious of it. Do not allow it to drown out your inner-self. Society offers balance in many ways. Experiencing the casserole of emotions we have is an absolute necessity. Society delivers some of the most undesired emotions. Accept them when they come but, don’t let them move in. They never pay rent and they will eat all your food.

Find what inspires you on a cosmic level. View it from the eye of your soul and see if the eye waters up. If it does, grasp it and never let go. Experience it, embrace it, explore it, move it, smell it, and love it. Stay there but also seek new sources of inspiration. The inspiration we experience in life is confirmation of being on the shortest route possible to connect the next dot. BUT…one source of inspiration is not capable of carrying you from one dot to the next. The next source might be closely related, but it’s not the same. There are different energy formations in each and the distance between checkpoints requires more energy than one source can provide.

TGalactic-Pyrotechnics-on-Display-071814AD44B6AE55Connect-the-cosmic-dots. The lines are not visible. The dots are not visible. But we all know they exist and we are constantly seeking that shortest route to evolve ourselves. We want to reach each dot as quickly as possible because our time here is limited.

Each dot represents a change, or subjective shift, in consciousness. Newfound energies within you. A new awareness of the human experience. A re-freshened sense of love to all things. A state-of-mind that sees a caterpillar and stares at it for 5 minutes in absolute amazement of the beauty. You see yourself in the caterpillar. This is where you know you’ve connected with a dot. Apparently one of the most beautiful dots as well. Enjoy it but, there are more dots out there. Continue.
We are constantly moving and this is why the dreams we chase, while highly motivating, are only there to provide us with desire and incentive. The incentive pushes us to evolve ourselves, to reach higher, to expand, grow, flourish, and reach toward things we normally wouldn’t have done if we weren’t focused on that end goal.

Keep dreaming, my friends. Every day that you focus on that dream — you’re expanding and moving the collective subconscious toward a new, beautiful future for everyone. We all have work to do. Do it and always do your best work.

As always, thanks for reading.

Much love, my friends.

Keep Dreaming!



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  1. Beautifully written and explained. I loved it.

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