Photo by John Te (JtE - NASA)

Photo by John Te (JtE – NASA)

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know I have experienced some interesting things in the morning hours recently. It’s happening in cycles. Every 45 days or so. This morning wasn’t as bizarre, but it’s still worthy of mentioning here.

3:03 AM. Awakened to the sounds of a car alarm. Waking up to that sound is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, as soon as the car alarm starts, your dreams sync up perfectly with it. It could be the most off-the-wall thing too. For example, in my dream this morning, I was using my arms to increase the height of trees.

I’ll explain…

This particular car alarm was one of those with the long, drawn-out squeals that increase in pitch toward the end of each squeal. Each one lasting about 3-5 seconds.
In my dream, I am standing in a dense forest. Many many trees and thick shrubbery all around. A massive area of land with no hills and trees that are no more than 30 feet tall.
Arms straight out with palms facing up – I raise my arms in synchronicity with the alarm. Each time facing a different tree and each time increasing the height of the tree. Every 3-5 seconds, I double the height of the trees.
I feel powerful at this moment. I feel it has a purpose. I feel I am fulfilling an order.

The second reason waking to this sound is interesting is — regardless of the reason the alarm is going off doesn’t really matter to anyone. Dozens of people are in their homes hearing this alarm go off and all we do is think to ourselves, “I hope that stops soon because it’s starting to get super annoying.” That’s how I feel most of the time. We have a reasonable excuse for feeling this way. Everyone has these alarms. I’ve been in parking lots, on many occasions, and had alarms go off because I shut my car door. They are too touchy and everyone knows it. I suppose it’s more of a deterrent to prevent thieves from stealing your REO Speedwagon box set that you keep hidden under that sweatshirt that I have in the backseat.


I am raising the trees. Doubling their height. The car alarm stops and I wake up. It’s possible I woke up a few seconds before the alarm stopped. It happened quickly and I was in a deep sleep seconds before so, I can’t recall if the reason for waking up was due to the alarms stopping.
Either way, I opened my eyes and immediately recalled raising the trees. The vivid recollection of the dream is, even 12 hours later as I write this, what truly astonishes me. I have never been able to recall a dream, even seconds after waking up, the way I was recalling this one.

Have I remembered dreams hours after waking up? Of course I have, many times. Not to this extent, though. This was different. But, it doesn’t stop there…

After 15-20 minutes of analyzing this, as I stare at the ceiling above my bed, I begin to feel a strange sensation on my rib cage. The best way I can explain it is — imagine someone tickling you with 50 feathers from the inside, barely grazing your rib cage with them. It didn’t hurt. It didn’t tickle. It felt warm. It felt foreign but familiar at the same time.

The feathers slowly tapered off until I felt nothing.

I am not sure if the feathers related to the trees but, I am going to say they were.

I’ll write about some theories I have about the dream at a later date. Most likely this week. So, stay finely tuned for that!

Before I end today’s post — I need to mention this:
As some of you know, Detroit, Michigan is in my heart and soul. I love everything Detroit stands for and the rich history of the city adds to the nostalgia for me. I am from Michigan but not from the Detroit city limits. That’s irrelevant to my point, though.

wpid-img_20150222_101824.jpgMy point is this — I watched the Detroit Lions lose a heartbreaker tonight to the Seattle Seahawks. (Seattle is where I live now)
Through lessons I’ve learned from Lao’tzu and the practice of non-attachment; events happening outside of myself have a far less emotional value attached to them. It’s a beautiful concept and such a valuable lesson to learn. The energy I once spent on being emotionally connected with a sports franchise is now being deposited into a different account. The account of my spiritual awareness as I navigate through this human experience. The evolution is within.

PS – Don’t get me wrong – I will always love the city of Detroit. 

As always, thanks for reading.

Much love, my friends.