I am getting a late start on today’s post. Not a problem though because I have a lot on my mind. Today was a good day. 

I woke up like a cat. Awake and alert within 3 seconds. I don’t know if that has ever happened to me before but, I have to say, it felt incredible. If you’ve never experienced this – I hope one day you do. 

I wish I knew how it happened so I could duplicate it and eventually make it a daily routine.

520 bridge in Seattle

520 bridge in Seattle

I was thinking this morning about today’s post and wondering what it would entail. Then, it hit me — I realized, unless you know me personally, you don’t know too much about me. So…here’s a bit about your friend, MFrederick:

My story begins in  Southwest lower Michigan. I have 2 brothers — one is 6 years older and one is 3 years younger. I was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan on September 11, 1979, at 8:06 AM to Janet Marie. I contracted salmonella poisoning when I was one day old and became extremely ill. There was concern that I wasn’t going to make it through. I did make it through because even at 24 hours old, I was a resilient child of nature — just like you.

At the ripe young age of 21, I packed up a suitcase, my backpack, and my acoustic guitar and headed west to Seattle. Everything else I owned was either sold, given away, or thrown away. It was precisely what I needed at that time. Starting over 101. One-way train ticket to Seattle in search of opportunity and culture. I definitely found what I was looking for, but it took a few years to find it.

Hobbies. A few things I love to do besides writing: I love reading. I probably read as much as I write. I read mostly nonfiction, but I do play with my collection of fiction books as well. I play guitar. I’ve played guitar since the age of 14. Played in a few different bands that never fully materialized but, it was a lot of fun. That’s really what it’s all about anyway so, I consider that a success.

I’ve studied across a broad range of disciplines. I graduated high school in 1998. In 2004, I went back to school for Veterinary Medicine. Graduated from that course in 2005 but, never pursued employment. The reason, my son was just born and I needed higher paying employment. So, I worked at a mindless job for a few years to support my little boy. In 2006, I attended broadcasting school. I had my internet radio station for about 6 months. Nothing materialized from that either. Shortly after that, I started taking classes for an Associate’s of Business degree.
Since then, I’ve received certificates from a few different writing courses and I am now enrolled at American Writer’s and Artist’s Inc studying direct-response copywriting. We shall see where this leads.

I just realized that I don’t really enjoy writing about myself. Maybe next time I do that, I will refer to myself in the 3rd person. Maybe that will help?

My 500 Words

My 500 Words

One thing that has truly kept me going is the writing communities I am involved with. These people are beautiful human beings. I am so grateful to have found something that is part of my spirit and to have so many awesome people in the same canoe. I am blessed to sit here every day and talk with these people. Sincerely grateful and I am having a great time with it. I see no end in sight and for that, I am even more grateful for all of you. #my500words

As always, thanks for reading

Much love, my friends.