Hello, humans. I hope this post finds you feeling well, strong, and confident. How are you feeling today? How is your connection? How is the frequency measuring up?

All 3 of those questions mean the same thing. How are you feeling?
Let’s talk about this — I’ll tell you how I am feeling as well.

Photo by John Te Click image to view his Instagram page.
Photo by John Te
Click image to view his Instagram page.

What do you think about thought? That’s an interesting question, isn’t it? Did that distract you from reading for a moment? If it did, I apologize. The only reason I ask is because it distracted me from writing for a few minutes and this is why–

It took me 36 years to finally understand this but, thought is a universal complexity. It’s not confined to the self. There’s a fundamental core — which resides somewhere beyond our perception of this universe. We can’t touch it, see it, hear it, feel it, or taste it. It exists but, it’s beyond our 5-senses perception of the universe. In fact, we are not able to understand its existence at all…all we have here is intuitive understanding that we are made of it.
We are it. We all are.

We can feel it intuitively especially when we are in spirit or, in other words, inspired. When we feel inspired, we are subjectively connected to our life’s work in some sense, down the life ‘s-work tree of existence. This connection is universal law. For instance, if you watch a stand-up comedian and he/she inspires you; this doesn’t necessarily align you with comedy. This simply means you’re aligned with the energy in the room. So, what is this energy? This is what you must explore. This is where the fun begins. Connecting with large groups of people? Public speaking? Persuasion? Keep searching.

I am going to tell you something that you may already know. You are the maximum creation. You’re made up of the same elements that make up the entire cosmos. Your mind is an expansive entity. You are the entity. You are the universe.

Given that, if you’re in-tune within yourself and you understand that you are standing directly in the middle of your relationship with nature, you realize that you create your reality. The people around you have no effect on your life. If they do, it’s simply because you allowed an external energy pattern to disrupt your own. That’s all it is.

It’s increasingly interesting to me that we, the human race, have become so transfixed on this illusion. I am not excluded by any means. I’ve danced around with this nonsense for 35 years but, like many people, cosmic intuition takes hold and the perception begins to shift. Beyond the  trans fixation over this illusion, we glamorize and reward those who stimulate the illusion and spawn new negative energies.

You are cells. Your vibration, within those cells, creates how you are feeling. The cell vibration and interaction with each other has a tremendous effect on your state-of-mind. The reason for this is because that’s the fabric of your being. Your ego (sense of self) is an illusion. It’s built up from years of stimuli, conditioning, and acceptance. Spend time alone and listen to yourself. Listen to your inner-self. This is where the real answers are. You will not receive true answers from others, from school, from me, from your parents, or from your spouse. Only you know what you need because you are the only one here.
Don’t be afraid of anything. Ever. Get out of your comfort zone immediately. There’s nothing for you there. You are here to evolve yourself…not to remain stagnant and afraid of your surroundings. Get out there and have fun.

I am feeling incredibly powerful. Does this feeling of power have anything to do with another human being? No. Does it have anything to do with my current circumstances? No. Does it have everything to do with a connection to my nature?



As always, thanks for reading. 

Much love, my friends.