cropped-landscape-with-water-free-license-cc01-314x2241.jpgOne of the most fundamental principles of human existence is self-exploration as a means to self-mastery.

You and I have this, to some degree, on a daily basis. Through all the random encounters, the relationships, the conflict resolutions, and the wicked curves that life tends to throw.


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On a side note – how many of those curves have you hit into the gap and legged it out for a triple – or crushed it over the wall?
I’ve got a few of both on the shelf – how about that feeling of circling the bases slowly knowing well that you just split the cover off the ball from a life curve? Beautiful, right? Yes it is.

If you haven’t checked out the image on this post – go check it out now.

Is it just me? I can’t be the only one.

Okay – since pointing out obvious idiocy has become virtually nonexistent since the ‘Political “thorn in our side” Correctness’ movement; I will speak up on this.
Those “problems” this person is explaining are called human emotions/experiences. The way this is worded – it also makes it sound overly about “feel sorry for me because I can’t arrange my life – especially in my mind – so I spend the day wobbling in my mind because I would rather use the excuse of having a mental illness than actually putting in the work and getting to the root of this disconnection with myself. Just give me pills and I will be okay. Pills that do alter brain chemistry. So – if your problem, before the pills, was simply a psychological condition – the pharmaceutical industry planted a flag in your brain while you were distracted – thinking you had a mental illness.

According to Citizens Commission on Human Rights St. Louis – in an article written on Monday, February 14th 2011 in the Big Muddy River Newsletter: 

” January 2002, the Medicine Journal reported: “The etiology (cause) and pathophysiology (the function or action of abnormal’ states in people) of bipolar disorder (BPD) have not been determined, and no objective biological markers exist that correspond definitively with the disease state.” Nor have any genes “been definitely identified” for bipolar disorder.

Pediatric neurologist Fred Baughman, Jr., wrote: “The fact of the matter is”and a fact to which the country had better wake up” is that there is no abnormality to be found in any of psychiatry’s ‘diseases’”not in infants, not in toddlers, not in preschoolers, not at any age. Without invented ‘diseases,’ the psychiatric-pharmaceutical cartel would have nothing to treat. These are normal children with disciplinary and educational problems that can and must be resolved without recourse to drugs. Deceiving and drugging is not the practice of medicine. It is

Bear in mind that the “treatments” being prescribed are for “disorders” that are not physical illnesses essentially, they are being prescribed for something that does not exist.”

Link to referenced material “The BiPolar Disorder Hoax.”

My conclusion, in a nutshell, is this – Human beings are profoundly susceptible to live their lives based on something that only exists in their mind. Something they have either been taught, something that they are simply used to, or something they have spent so much time on that they have convinced themselves that it’s real.

These systems of belief are dangerous – they divide and distract. In the meantime, we are all visually, auditory, and subconsciously handed these beliefs without permission. Do this a few thousand times over a wide range of subjective vantage points and B.I.N.G.O. was his name-O. Programming happens and we deeply believe our attentive focus is our own.

The pharmaceutical industry is creating customers. A lot of them.

I want you to leave this post with this thought –

There are more than 7000 species of rust fungi on the planet. Mushrooms.
We all know very well that marijuana assists with pain. All the best foods, the most nutritious foods come out of the earth for you and I to eat.
Everything we need comes out of the earth. All these things are renewable, as well.We live in the ground. We are the ground. We are connected to it.

The Pharmaceutical Industry Does Not Care About You.

That’s the truth. 

Imagine a world where nearly one-half of Americans (approximately 160 million) are mentally ill. Taking brain altering chemicals to “get better.” Well, you don’t have to imagine it because that’s what we have here today.

Vicious circle. 

Be well out there.

A quick note for my subscribers – I am a day behind in the posts – I am aware. But, I am in the process of migrating this website to…basically just a bunch of internal stuff and it has taken a lot of my time. I will be back on schedule by Tuesday. 

Question everything you hear about dis-eases. It’s not as they say it is. Of course, that’s if it’s real to begin with.

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