Do Your Friends and Family Encourage You in the Pursuit of Your Passions / Talents?

There was a time when this bothered me – the fact that some of my closest family and friends didn’t read or acknowledge my work, comment on or acknowledge my art, or check out my acoustic guitar stuff on YouTube


I’ll be honest, I was a little bummed that post after post to my blog, nearly every sketch I shared on Instagram, or music to YouTube – there was feedback, for sure…just not from the people I was closest to…and I wanted their opinions.


I truly wanted them to read my work or check out my newly discovered ability to draw. I suppose it mostly stemmed from wanting them to be proud of me and my work. Perhaps it would inspire them, as well. 

I never felt anger or bitterness toward them – not at all.


It was confusion – but I now understand and I am grateful for it.

This post is for my friends and family.

I love you all.


Janet Marie and Matthew Frederick. September 1980.

*Happy 64th Birthday to my Mom, Janet Marie.

January 7th, 1954 – July 28th, 1999. 


You are loved and missed by many.*


A small percentage of my friends and family are sharing their talents, hobbies, or disciplines with the world on a regular basis. (there could be a few that I am not aware of , I understand that) If they were, they’d understand this post.

To the family and friends of mine that share their talents, hobbies and passions with the world – I want to say:


I love you and you Inspire me.


Here are a few of my friends (and a cousin) that are known for their talents and/or hobbies:


  • Chris ‘Fox’ Wallace is always the first to come to mind when this topic is discussed. Chris is my cousin and he is a generator of inspiration for me. Fox is a super funny guy and one of the most intelligent humans that I know. Chris is a professional poker player and coach – check him out at

Last summer, Chris was at the WSOP event in Vegas (not the first time he’s been there, by the way) and I had the privilege of sitting on my couch as I watched my cousin sit at the final table in the World Series of Poker on ESPN2. Very cool, indeed. I’m incredibly proud of him for pursuing his passion the way he did and the work he’s put in to it – all while dissecting it to branch off into multiple areas within his discipline. High fives, Chris. I love you, man.  The first link above will direct you to his Facebook profile. The second link is his about page from his website.  Notable fact: In 1992, I defeated Chris in a highly competitive, nearly violent, game of go-fish… just sayin’.

  • BJ Mallen -The Mayor or Magic/Entertainer – A unique human, no doubt. BJ is an accomplished magician, former musician (former band mate of mine), cannabis prohibition activist, comedian, and one of my best friends. . A true showman. Perhaps ‘World Famous’ is an addition we’ll be seeing in his name soon? The link attached to his name will direct you to his website. Keep the vibrations going, my friend. You are an inspiration to me, as well. (We need to discuss and get started with that project we talked about over the summer – I’ll text you later)

  • Mark Anthony Rogness – Musician. Mark is also a former band mate of mine – front man of the band Tension, he also writes beautiful music with his acoustic guitar and accompanies it with dark, yet romantically poetic lyrics. Check out his YouTube page by clicking the link – some highly catchy melodies in there. I’m sure you’ll hear something that’ll naturally have your head moving back and forth.

  • Amy Kline – Artist and Creator of  ‘Perfectly Flawed Dolls.’ Amy designed and created the dolls herself as well as maintains the online presence. Amy is also a well-known artist in her hometown – anyone that knows Amy personally will tell you that she has creativity overflowing within her and everything she does is unique. The link directs to the Perfectly Flawed Dolls Facebook Page.

  • John Te – This guy… My Seattle brother. (not biologically…spiritually) JtE is an Artist in the most literal sense of the word. Tattoo Artist, Sketch Artist, Painter, and Musician. John Te is easily the most talented and painter, artist, and tattoo artist that I know. His talents and passions are widespread and cover many branches in each of his disciplines. I am grateful to call him my friend. He also did my only tattoo – The Old English D on my left forearm. The link directs to his Instagram page (I believe it’s set to private so just ask to follow him – he’ll let you in. Tell him I sent you.

  • Michael David Richards – Disciplined Fighter/Martial Arts. Michael is dedicated. This dedication is showcased in his rehabilitation program videos too. Aside from the physical therapy grind – he’s an accomplished martial artist and a true student of his respected fighting disciplines. The link directs to his Facebook profile.

  • Chad Cossairt – Drone FPV enthusiast. Chad’s genuine love of drone’s comes through quite clearly in his videos. I know nothing about drones but I had a great time watching his videos. His passion is undeniable. Check out his YouTube page by clicking the link.

The Vulnerabilty in Offering Your Work to the World


As soon as an artist, writer, musician, painter, dancer, or any other creative expressionist shares their love/passion with the world – a sense of vulnerability arrives with it. The individual put a piece of his/her soul on display for the world to judge. Criticism comes in many forms and we all expect it – of course, the degree of it varies.

While we do understand  that criticism is useful, perhaps essential, in creative growth – it is a constant process in fully understanding its benefit due to the emotional value we give something that threatens our ego. (something that we obtain through domestication)


I often wonder if this ego driven desire to appeal to everyone ever fully fades. My intuition tells me it doesn’t. I believe the process becomes easier as you experience it – thus acquiring the tools to find usefulness in negative criticism. You begin to see it as a tool for growth as opposed to a personal attack.

I encourage you to read:

The Four Agreements 

by Don Miguel Ruiz 

specifically the 2nd agreement – as it relates to this post

Acceptance and Understanding of +/- Feedback


Imagine this scenario – You rarely, if ever, receive feedback from those closest to you? The people in your life that you knew as a child – such as  your parents or siblings.


No feedback – no verbal or written exchanges, no social media shares, no likes, or comments – even after receiving notifications of your new work through various channels or seeing a link to it in their social media feeds. Is this commonplace? Is this something you’ve experienced, as well?


If you are a family member or friend and you’re unfamiliar with my writing, sketches, or music –  I Love You and I do not expect anything to change by writing this. I mean that.

(Of course I’d be thrilled if you decided to check out some of my work…Likewise, if you have something you created – I want to see it! Comment on this post with a link or send me a link Via Email

*I encourage you to check this out, as well*


This post is about acceptance and understanding that every thing, every person, and every event we experience is cosmic perfection. This is true even if you believe that things (in your personal life or the world) should be different or changed in some way. That is a deeply profound topic, for sure. Someday soon, I will share my thoughts on it, maybe. 


It’s perfection in a way that’s beyond our perception – but I’ll write about it anyway. 🙂

Nothing in This Existence/Universe is Out-of-Place or “Wrong.”

It is – and Always Has Been – Perfection

To family and friends:

Photo by John Te
Click image to view his Instagram page.

I know, deep within, you would love to see anyone you know succeed in whatever path they are on, including me…even if there’s no feedback from you.  I also sincerely wish you success and contentment in all that you do. Even if your desire is to live a quiet life with your family in the desolate areas of Montana.


I will be grinning wide when I hear that you finally made it – because I’ll know for sure that your soul is content.


Just know this: regardless of any hurdles or obstacles that we may have faced in the past – I love you all unconditionally and I will support you in anything you do.


“I am the only problem I will ever

have and I am the only solution.”



Thanks for reading, my friends (and family)

Much Love to you


-Matthew Frederick