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Can the result of a creative endeavor be significantly impacted based on the  surroundings of the creative? I ask this because I often question if I am receiving the energy of others nearby and inadvertently crossing our waves.

I do feel most at ease when I write in silence – alone.

Writers, artists, painters, dancers, sculptors, musicians, and so on have this to some degree. In fact, I believe even those who aren’t creating within the physical realm have this. We are all creative by nature. We are gifted these flesh-covered transportation systems with the same tools in the trunk.

From conception to the crematorium, we are all the same.
Of course, due to nature’s complexity and persistent mystery, we aren’t necessarily the same physically. There are occasional defects and similar situations but I am not referring to that. I am referring to the formless similarities.
The stuff we use to perceive this thing we call reality down to the molecular level. The biological ingredients that make us human. While there are no physical, biological, or scientific properties that define consciousness – we all know we have this. The question is – what is it? What is this thing called imagination? What is reality?

I started this post writing about the creative flow of energy and wavelengths and whether or not that energy can be altered, positively or negatively, if you’re near other humans while the subjective creative process is flowing.

Before I explain – have you ever been sitting quietly somewhere pondering one of life’s many profound mysteries and lost your thought process in an instant? How about you get up to go retrieve something in a different room of the house and when you arrive in the room, you have no clue what you were going to get? I am sure you’ve had that happen a couple of times throughout the course of your life. I know I have.

Many will attribute this to old-age, brain function, or something similar. They could be right in certain cases of these experiences, but I have started to wonder if this could be something else. I am not a psychologist, physicist, or a scientist. I know very little about human transmission of signals and the receiving of signals through the billions of neurological receptors we have in the brain.  I don’t pretend I know this stuff, I just speculate. So, what if these sudden brain/conscious “closings of our current door” are due to wavelengths of others disrupting the current vibrational patterns we are using?

The act of thinking and reacting to such a small task can often happen with very little conscious effort – almost as if we are on auto-pilot. In a sense, we are relying on the surface of our subconscious to complete the task for us and – while in that type of mental state – we could be more prone to interruption by proximate wavelengths.

Researchers at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience and Centre for the Biology of Memory at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) have discovered a mechanism that the brain uses to focus on a single bit of information while blocking out other thoughts to remain focused. To quickly paraphrase what they discovered – they suggest our brains are similar to a radio dial and waves of energy, more specifically a sub-set of brain waves known as gamma waves, send signals to different parts of our brain using different frequencies.

My question is this – what is the origin of these signals? Where does it come from? What is the initial spark to send that gamma wave in motion? Is it a reaction due to a thought? Is it consciousness? Are we programmed by some mind-blowing device that we are not even capable of comprehending with our small, under-developed brains? Let’s grab some fancy tea, stick out our pinkies and talk about it, shall we?


Wrap your head around this one – Every single thing that has ever been created by man was once just a thought. An idea. Nothing more than a formless thought inside a mind. The thought is then “watered” and eventually it blossoms into this physical world. This process also applies to our lives. Focus, intention, will, and purposeful actions create the physical world.
If we focus on what we don’t want 24/7 for 6 months straight, guess what we will get? Exactly…
I could argue, though, that you actually did desire the outcome and the waves manifested are just as necessary to your human experience as the air you breathe.

So, if thoughts manifest into the physical and imagination is the key to creativity – what is the next step? What step is needed once you understand this formula? It’s a simple formula yet we’ve been trained to think it’s unrealistic to think this way. We’ve been hypnotized to the point of believing that living in the “real world” is the safe way to live out your life.

We’re told “be conservative, be safe, don’t risk, fit-in” and so-on. I heard them all. I’ve been told not to waste time writing. I’ve been told I don’t have the skills to write. I’ve been told it’s a waste of time.  My intuition respectfully disagreed. It said – You are unique. You are an individual. You create and manifest your reality with your imagination.

If you take nothing personally and follow what your intuition tells you, your imagination will blossom and manifest into a plethora of events that ultimately form your own personal Fibonacci sequence in your mind. This is when constant creative endeavors begin to feel effortless. When the words, the paint, the clay, the rhythm, the designs, the outlines, the blueprints, and all the universal resources flow through you in sanctifying fashion.

Sunlight shines through the mist

I’d like to end this post with another lesson we can take from nature about patience.

The Chinese Bamboo tree.

The Chinese Bamboo tree, once planted, must be watered and nurtured on a consistent basis during an entire growing season. After one growing season, the Chinese Bamboo tree will not grow at all, not even an inch. The second growing season (2nd year), the Chinese Bamboo tree must be watered and nurtured again consistently during the entire growing season. After the second growing season, the Chinese Bamboo tree will still be under the surface of the soil and still not even an inch tall. For four years, the Chinese Bamboo tree must be watered and nurtured on a consistent basis – In fact, if at any time, the Chinese Bamboo tree is not nurtured, it slows the progress of the tree’s growth and often will die in the ground before breaking the surface.

On the fifth year, if properly nurtured, the Chinese Bamboo tree breaks through the surface and grows to an amazing 80 feet in one season!


Now, did it take the tree one year to grow 80 feet or did it take 5 years? The answer is clear – it took 5 years.

The road to reaching your full potential is paved with years, sometimes decades, of silent progress. Hidden away in the soil of your mind as you develop your craft.

Don’t lose hope due to lack of instant progress.

Imagination is the accelerator in reaching the surface. I’ll see you in 80 feet.

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As always, Much Love

Thanks for Reading.

-Matthew Frederick