Freelance Writing

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I’ve studied across a broad range of disciplines. I graduated high school in 1998. In 2004, I went back to school for Veterinary Medicine. Graduated from that course in 2005 but, never pursued employment. The reason, my son was just born and I needed higher paying employment. So, I worked a mindless job for a few years to support my son. In 2006, I attended broadcasting school. I had my internet radio station for about 6 months. Nothing materialized from that either. Shortly after that, I started taking classes for an Associate’s of Business degree.
Since then, I’ve received certificates from a few different writing courses and I am now enrolled at American Writer’s and Artist’s Inc studying direct-response copywriting.

What to take from the wide range of studies? Invest time into your interests – not just taking courses but sacrifice some of your personal time to them as well. Keep stepping up to the plate and taking some swings – not only will you learn a lot about yourself – you’ll know what truly resonates. What a beautiful thing, right?


Links to some of my work: