butterflyI heard a quote recently that has impacted and inspired me. Steve Jobs quoted it in a speech but, I do not know the original source — the quote is this:

“If you live each day as if it were your last, one day you’re sure to be right. “

I have read and heard many great quotes over the years but, there is something about this one that feels like a left jab to my chin. Something that has one motive – and that motive is to wake me up to what it means to be fully alive and experiencing this ride.

This got me thinking – how many years have we drifted through life with the knowledge of this yet never truly applying its teachings to what we do every day?
Many people talk about things such as: Live for the moment, be courageous, don’t be fake, be real, trust yourself, and so on — but how deeply are we examining these ideas and concepts? Are we incorporating them into our own conscious awareness or simply saying them because it sounds good and ultimately fooling ourselves?

After spending the last couple of days pondering this, I’ve come to a few realizations.
First – I’m convinced that basically every human being walking around on this planet has a sense of irritability and insecurity. Not irritable in the common sense of the word but, irritable in the sense of knowing/not knowing the true self.
Not insecurity in the common sense of the word but, insecurity in feeling that we’ve been conditioned into something that clashes with our true nature — which results in sickness, pain, addictions, compulsive disorders, and many other ‘dis-eases’ the human race continues to battle.
The conditioned mind over the fundamental conscious mind. What does this mean exactly?

The conditioned mind is programmed, not intentionally or to do intentional harm or to disillusion the person (often the “conditioners” are simply passing on their own set of conditioned beliefs) by parents, schools, society as a whole, social influences/interactions, religious practices, and many others. These beliefs and perceptions about life are fed to our subconscious minds from the moment we make our grand entrance through our Mother’s birth canal.

This is a mushroom This is a mushroom

The fundamental conscious mind is the core of our existence — the deeply rooted universal connection that we all have and share with everything in existence. This mind understands, on a cosmic level, that everything is connected. One vibration causes another, one side is necessary for the other side to exist, one motion requires a previous motion — and a post-motion to continue the process. It’s all simultaneous and it’s all relative.

This simultaneous connection is what is lost in our culture. Life is vibration. Energy. The base level of everything, including humans, is energy. We are vibrational patterns that emit frequencies and appear to have physical bodies. Our bodies are the environment and its natural instinct to form, keep, and develop energy to sustain life. We are everything packed into one extremely sophisticated and condensed form.

So, where I am going with all this? Maybe I did cross the “blabbering” threshold just now but, it’s nothing compared to what the neurological organ in my skull was doing as I wrote it out.

To make my point as clear as possible — Start seeing everything as an incredible experience. How could we not be in a constant state of amazement? Look around you — it’s amazing out there.

It’s a 24/7/365 magic show and you have front row seats. Pay no mind to the noise makers in the back trying to distract you from enjoying the show — it’s their intention to keep you distracted. Turn off the TV. Make it routine to look around and feel that distinctly brilliant environmental connection you have.

It’s difficult to see life’s perfections when you’re focusing on imperfections.

“If you live each day as if it were your last, one day you’re sure to be right.”

Think about that quote for a few minutes.
After those words are firmly planted within your mind — think about all of those moments in life when you had a desire to try something new or had a sincere curiosity about something but, never took the initiative to explore those thoughts, feelings. or desires.

Ask yourself why you didn’t take action on them.
How much of the reason is strictly based on fear of taking a chance?
How much of the reason is strictly based on focusing on the financial risk involved?
How much of the reason is strictly based on the uneasy feeling of possibly shaking up your current practical lifestyle?

These are sincere emotions but, they are all based on fear.

I am going to tell you something that you already know:
You are powerful. You are able to do more while sitting in silence than most other species of animal can do at their full potential during the peak of their life.

Take a risk and revisit some of those old desires. Do not allow any internal or external voice to prevent you from exploring your own curiosities. Those curiosities are the freeway to discovering your true potential and the direct route to doing something that will cement your mark on our species and the planet.

Get out there and play — something will stick and it will change everything.

Unrelated gibberish:

I work for a corporation. Man, typing that gave me intense heartburn.
Don’t get me wrong, though – I am certainly grateful for the continuous stream of income that I receive for my time in that place – my mental and spiritual itching is not the fault of this corporation. Not even a percentage of it. The cause of the darkness is the level of comfort, practical mediocrity, and the endless cycle that I’ve created by sacrificing my time to work for someone else.

If you’re one of my coworkers (I know some of you read my blog…thank you) you know I’ve had some attendance issues in the past. You also know that I am basically the same person every day.(referring to mood or friendliness) But, allow me to let you in on a little secret:

When I arrive home from the robotic 6:00 AM – 2:30 PM shift at approximately 3:07 PM — I close the door as I enter my home. As the door closes, the gates open…I casually walk over the bridge to my kitchen, grab my refrigerator, and pull it away from the wall.
A 3’x4′ dark-blue box protrudes from the wall. There is a small door on the front of the box. When it opens — a meticulously arranged electrical component is revealed. I turn to face away from the box and slowly back up until my back is touching it. I reach down to the left and flip the switch. Wires, sparks, and solder begin the process. The process of removing robotic qualities and installing the intrinsic card.

3:10 PM – The process is complete. Fridge is back in place. I am MFrederick and I am humbled/awestruck by ant hills, DNA strands, the Milky Way, the body’s ability to heal itself, the magnificent colors the sun and clouds create on a consistent basis, and the seemingly endless number of experiences we have the privilege of  experiencing here.

I am physically moved by leaves on the ground, the smell of rain, the poetic nature of forests, the wonder…the constant wonder of the billions of other galaxies in the cosmos…

Wow…existence. The one topic that will never lose its cosmic sexiness.

I need to go write some stuff now… 

Thanks for reading, my friends.

As always, Much Love.