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Photo by John Te

Photo by John Te

About MFrederick(Matthew)


Welcome to MSmithWriter

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day here.I am MFrederick. (Matthew) I am a writer from Seattle, Washington.
I live with my 11-year old son. We share our home with small spiders — they don’t do much, other than loiter on the ceiling and watch us do human things.
Human things – such as discuss all the possible reasons why the spiders prefer to be inside, as opposed to outside – where food is certainly more abundant. Nonetheless, we have welcomed them to our home, and they are now good friends.


The intention of MSmithWriter is to Connect and Inspire. 

I am open to suggestions on topics and guest bloggers. If you’re interested in collaborating or would like to offer an opinion on an issue, please send me an email at Expect a reply within 24 hours.

Seeking writers with an ability and a positive message – experience is not required.

Do you crave change? True change? Do you have an opinion on an issue? ? Do you know the value of a passionate community?
Send me an email to that address above and tell me about yourself and your idea.

If your words are posted here – all credit goes to you. I receive nothing.
If you have a website of your own – links to your site will be shown to the readers. If you don’t have a website, you can use any social media sites as a link.
In the end – I am most concerned with inspiring people. That’s cosmic currency.

Hey – check out this link below the text right here. If you click on that – you’ll see some excellent reasons why you want to sign up and be on my email list of subscribers. It’s free, easy, and you’ll never miss out on anything. Front row seats as we take this cosmically aligned idea and float above everything simply to take in the view.

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The past is a subjective reference. The future doesn’t exist. The Now is now and now is all there ever will be.
The pieces are falling into place. Patience, my friend.




Who is MFrederick?

Non-fiction writer, writer of fictional short stories, freelance writer, artist, musician, and above all – A regular guy who senses a tremendous obligation to humanity – by way of belonging to the last generation of humans that were not completely hypnotized and conformed into willing, obedient zombie workers for the corporate elite.
I dedicate my life to keeping them from taking the universal subconscious and transforming it into something that would ultimately destroy the human race.

What else does MFrederick spend time on? Here are a few links to answer that:

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Join me in this adventure

 I am also a professional pretend astronaut on Sundays.


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  1. I sold you a computer monitor and we chatted. I follow your blog and wanted to share with you mine. in addition to my professional blog I have you in my blogroll.

    • Hi, Danna. Yes, I remember meeting you very well. You were gearing up to move and you gave me a copy of your book.

      I was hoping to hear from you. You did mention that you were extremely busy around the time we met because ,I inquired about possibly chatting sometime and bouncing ideas off each other. You never know what golden nuggets could be revealed by talking to the right people.

      You all settled into your new arrangement?

      Thanks for checking in and, Just so you know, the monitor has gotten much use and she’s still going strong. 🙂


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