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Photo by John Te

Photo by John Te

My name is Matthew.

I am a Writer.

I am a Writer/Blogger from Seattle, Washington. I live with my 12-year son – he’s my best friend, my most profound reason, and my biggest weakness.(The boy already has a love for words and writing – Dad is proud)

I was born and raised in South West lower Michigan in a little place called Kalamazoo, Michigan. I spent my childhood and early adult years in that area until age 21 – at which point I hopped on a train headed toward the west coast (Think cowboy without the cowboy gear and the horse) to Seattle.

Shortly after arriving in Seattle – my lifelong, intrinsic love for writing, literacy, and helping other people joined together and my writing career began to manifest.

Before the relocation to Seattle in 2001 – writing was a hobby – nothing more.
I loved it but the focus and/or thought of writing for someone else or seeing writing as a potential career was the furthest thing from my mind.

Seattle opened my eyes – more specifically, the people I came in contact with, opened my eyes.

After showing a few pieces to a close friend of mine in 2003, I was asked this question, “Hey – have you ever thought of writing articles for magazines?”

Immediately (and I mean immediately in the most literal sense of the word) I was blinded by that metaphorical light in my brain.

Literally metaphorical?

I thought, “Yes. That’s it. I am going to write and eventually make my living doing something I love – rather than spending 1/3 of my day, every day, at a job that I have no connection with, does not challenge me, and does not inspire me.

That day – the hunt for knowledge and experience began.

Being a firm believer in that we never truly arrive at our intended destinations but we see them, if we’re focused and disciplined, on our way through. We’re always shooting for more – regardless of where we are or if we’ve met a goal. The road has proven itself to be anything but smooth sailing. One thing that never changes is that one simple fact: I am a writer. 

I am slowly finding my niche within this beautiful and vast world of writing. I am a blogger and I love to learn anything new.

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Thank you for your time.

Much Love,
Matthew Frederick.





Non-fiction writer, writer of fictional short stories, freelance ghostwriter, blogger, artist, musician, and above all – A human being that senses a tremendous obligation to humanity –  to listen and follow the voice within that demands the sharing of any creative endeavour, regardless of significance or relevance, with fellow brothers and sisters of the human race – until the fire within is completely extinguished.


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  1. I sold you a computer monitor and we chatted. I follow your blog and wanted to share with you mine. in addition to my professional blog I have you in my blogroll.

    • Hi, Danna. Yes, I remember meeting you very well. You were gearing up to move and you gave me a copy of your book.

      I was hoping to hear from you. You did mention that you were extremely busy around the time we met because ,I inquired about possibly chatting sometime and bouncing ideas off each other. You never know what golden nuggets could be revealed by talking to the right people.

      You all settled into your new arrangement?

      Thanks for checking in and, Just so you know, the monitor has gotten much use and she’s still going strong. 🙂


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