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Mind, Body, and Writing – The Essential Triangle.

sunsetI’ve spent a considerable amount of time reading lately. Reading about writing. Blog posts, articles, books, etc.

Last week I had a short-lived, moderate anxiety spell. I know why it happened – in fact, I knew why, as it was happening. This fact didn’t stop it from occurring though. I believe it was part of the process to understanding balance. I was in an all-out sprint for well over 2 weeks.

Write, read, eat, sleep, work, write, write, read, read, read, eat, very little sleep, work. repeat. Now, I didn’t keep a journal so I don’t know if the timeline of the last sentence is chronologically accurate, but I am sure you get the point. I was mentally and physically exhausted and it was 100% self-induced.

I love writing. I love everything about it. As, the great one, Stephen King says when referring to the reader/writer connection – “We’re not even in the same year together, let alone the same room  . . . . except we are together. We’re close. We’re having a meeting of the minds.” (Hello, goosebumps, haven’t seen you since this morning. How you been? How’s the family? Me? Oh, you know. Same old stuff.)

Words are timeless. Piecing words and phrases together to paint a portrait in the reader’s mind. To take the invisible thought of a writer, give it form in the way of written word and have it transfer back to a formless emotion and/or thought in another person. Hours, days, weeks, months, even decades apart – this communication takes place. Such a beautiful concept!

The anxiety – I had no sense, nor did I care, about balancing my time effectively and maintaining my well-being. I was so intensely focused on acquiring knowledge or creating a larger sampling of work – that I dismissed the responsibilities I have for myself to feel well-rested and energized everyday. By doing this, my body reacted and I felt an unusual amount of anxiety. Not to mention weakness and irritability from lack of sleep and lack of nutrition.

So why am I writing about this? That’s a good question. Why would I publicly admit to weakness? What if that slows down my progress? Why bring it up at all, especially if it’s over and things are back to normal? Also good questions. The answer for both is simple. It’s love.

Let me explain – I’ve had this blog up for a few days. I don’t exactly have a preconceived idea about where I’d like to take it or even how the WordPress community works yet. I am sure I will know and understand both fairly soon however, the reason I admit to weakness is because I feel powerful. If, even years from now, a struggling writer or a novice writer reads something I write and it empowers them – then it’s a win. For me and him/her. Writers know that writing is difficult. You experience waves of inspiration and, of course, the words flow with ease at those times. If you’re a writer looking to do some great things or inspire others, it’s imperative that you write everyday to get better – there’s always room to improve. This means you’re writing when you aren’t feeling like it, when you feel tired, or when inspiration is nowhere to be found. Those are the times, I think, when you slowly find your niche. Others may disagree but, for me, that’s what I’ve experienced.

Until next time and as always –

Much Love.



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  1. Shelly

    Our words can be chosen to tear each other down…or build each other up. When it builds others up…it is inspirational, as I have found your writing to be! The entry I find most inspiring is…Mind, body, and writing – the essential triangle. You share the true magic within the written word…it transcends all of time….makes itself at home in any environment…and feeds upon the minds eager to unravel its mysteries! The words we write draws strength from those captivated by its very essence. Each blend…placed just so…to form a word with meaning….giving life to the sentence that portrays a thought, that in turn….becomes a well-crafted tale.

    Whether fiction or non….it matters not! Every word ever written to inspire…has done nothing less! It has inspired someone to become more than they ever believed possible. It has encouraged…crafted…molded…someone into a new person…one much stronger…more self-assured….more compassionate…loving….and in turn…able to inspire someone else.

    Admitting to one’s weakness is the most powerful inspiration that can be given to another, for each one of us has weaknesses…failures….but our strength comes from getting back up from where we have fallen or lain for so long…our strength can only be viewed from the reality of our weaknesses. This is the greatest inspiration….that we can take not only from who we once were…and who we are today…but also who we aspire to be.

    As writers….this means that we write in such an authentic and personal way…that we touch the lives of others through the magical dance of the words we pen to the music in the hearts of our reader.

    • Thank you for this well-written and thoughtful reply. I appreciate it very much. I am inspired by your words and I am glad my words inspire you. It’s a perfect circle. Thanks again. Write on.

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