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Politics and party hats

Photo Courtesy of Emily Tjaden

I thought I’d start the day by jumping in on the political opinion-party. I see all of you sporting those smooth party hats as you post your thoughts on Facebook — while you may or may not know, I am a party hat collector and self-assigned critic.


I cannot sit in silence any longer – give me one of those sweet party hats.

Okay – queue my alter-ego, MRickfred:

In the beginning, there was “Reality TV.” From the moment I first witnessed these disempowering, mindless, and retina burning images on that box with a screen – I hated it. I truly hated everything about it.

In large part, all those shows are nothing but a condensed, glamorizing portrayal of one of the most negative aspects of the human race – meaningless conflict with one another. The sort of conflict that points fingers, places blame before attempting resolution and is driven by illusionary beliefs and ego.

Often times, the individual speaking the loudest walks away from the verbal mud-slinging with a warped sense of victory.

Excellent communication.

That is exactly the subconscious influence we need to evolve our species, right?

So… this three-ring circus they’ve given us (also known as the presidential campaign), is an improved/more wide-spread version of Jersey Shore or The Real World/Road Rules Spaghetti Banquet Luncheon Slam a Fork in my Temple Challenge.
It’s the same thing but with added drama because we’re supposed to believe that one of these humans is going to be the difference maker. The chosen one. The hero we are told we need to lead us to a land of prosperity as we all recite the pledge of allegiance together in perfect harmony.

I hate to crash the party but, all these heads that are talking during the debates might as well just recite the alphabet for 2 hours. It would have the same value and insight as the syllables they are using now.

Words words words words stuff stuff Syrian refugees, border patrol, build a wall and shoot people, this is why my opponent sucks, this is why I don’t, this is why I didn’t like September 11, 2001, this is why terrorists are bad,  remember Ebola? Zika is a scary word so you should fear it, the world is dangerous, tax breaks for the middle class, tax hikes for the wealthy until the wealthy change the definition of the word hike, my opponent did this and that makes him unfit to be commander in chief, he has a past, she has a past, he has a past, she has a past, this and this and this and this…and never a true, sincere, genuine, LOGICAL approach to any of the REAL issues facing this country and/or the human race.

Real issues such as –

  • The Public School curriculum in the United States and its direct link to the continuous (seemingly deliberate and manufactured) decline of intelligence in this country. The continuous rise in children with developmental disorders, cognitive skills, social fears, lack of interests/hobbies, diagnosed cases in the ASD realm and, at (or near) an all-time high of medicated children in public school.
    Profit and Control.
  • The war on drugs being a complete waste of time, money, resources, and destroying millions of families in the process. Still not treating drug addiction as a mental health condition and keeping it primarily in the criminal justice system.
    Profit and Control.
  • The Cannabis-Sativa plant is not being utilized to its fullest ability due to misinformation, lies, and deceit in the name of profit and control by the corporations that benefit from the plant remaining side-lined. By the way, the one and only benefit they receive is monetary. Thus, once again, it’s all about –
    Profit and Control.
  • The pharmaceutical industry – the industry that creates drugs to maintain (or increase) their customer base as opposed to elevating and/or treating existing ailments.
    In the book Selling Sickness – How the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies are turning us all into patients by Ray Moynihan and Alan Cassels.
    Ray and Alan lay it out perfectly in the first 2 pages of the prologue stating:

“The marketing strategies of the world’s biggest drug companies now aggressively target the healthy and the well. The ups and downs of daily life have become mental disorders, common complaints are transformed into frightening conditions, and more and more ordinary people are turned into patients. With promotional campaigns that exploit our deepest fears of death, decay, and disease – the $500 billion pharmaceutical industry is literally changing what it means to be human. Rightly rewarded for saving life and reducing suffering, the global drug giants are no longer content selling medicines only to the ill. Because as Wall Street knows well, there’s a lot of money to be made by telling healthy people they are sick.”

20160306_040428-1.jpgBook plug  for Selling Sickness

“A controversial and provocative look at how the pharmaceutical companies are creating and marketing illness.”
-O, The Oprah Magazine

For instance – “Do you feel down? Do you sometimes feel alone? Do you feel like you’re not yourself? Do you feel as if nobody understands what you’re going through? Then talk to your doctor about the new and improved brain-altering, emotion-destroying super pill. Reclaim your life with just 20mg/day to alleviate that destructive, psychological thought process manufactured by (Insert any of the greed-driven, lack of any moral compass pharmaceutical company names here).”

Queue the walking on the beach, slow-motion rock skipping, and marshmallow roasting images.
Profit and Control.

  • The Big Six. Basically, all the news and information you see and hear on a daily basis is from one of these 6 major media companies.
    According to Wikipedia – In 1983, 90% of US media was controlled by 50 companies. Today – that 90% is controlled by the Big Six.

Comcast, The Walt Disney Company, News Corporation, Time Warner, Viacom, and CBS Corporation are the Big Six.

“The News” isn’t really the news. It’s what they accept and what they want in order to please their shareholders, advertisers, and/or corporate owners. The Big Six  control everything you see on television. Keep this in mind when you find yourself questioning a news anchor about one of the many illogical stories they feed us.

There are obviously many more extremely important issues that the current system barely even pretends to address. It’s tough to help everyone when your main focus is on those rich and powerful bastards – they expect a lot, I am assuming. Interesting though that they have no trouble at all stealing from our paychecks every 2 weeks. Don’t get me wrong now – I am fully on board with income tax if it’s being spent wisely but, why are you taxing me again when I spend the money you already taxed?


Okay – shifting gears here before I go outside and begin dodging bullets.

Donald Trump isn’t even a real candidate for President. It’s a massive Broadway play that is using the entire planet as a stage. What a show! Who knew Trump was such a terrific actor? Maybe we will get to see more of his antics when he accepts his future grammy for best supporting role in a distraction series.

I realize he’s up there. He’s talking. Standing at a podium as he colorfully displays his plan to take over the universe, using nothing but his lasso(Made in China), and improve every aspect of it – all before lunch on his first day in office.
Next day – “Trump Scandal surfaces!”
America – “He is an ass! Yeah but Bernie is a socialist.”
“Yeah well, Hillary should be in Prison carving out a tunnel like Andy.”
“Yeah but, yeah but, yeah but, yeah but…

“The news,” says he is winning primaries and leading in certain poles. He’s campaigning. I understand all of that. I do.

I am also not buying it.

You can call me a conspiracy nut, out-of-touch hippie, anti-establishment nonconformist anti-American stupid-face if you’d like. Phased-reader doesn’t even budge. Believe me, I don’t care what you think of me. I respect your opinion. I won’t argue with you to try to make you see things my way. I will gladly have a discussion with you about anything but, we will most likely have to respect and understand we have a different, subjective perception of this place. And that’s completely fine.

In conclusion:
I am not voting (as of right now) because I see nothing to vote for. All I see is more of the same – lies and deception by the entire political system. This has been the same Broadway play every 4 years of my life – literally.

Of course, I don’t remember all of them – but the reason I say that is because John F. Kennedy was the last real president this country had.
And he warned us about this stuff. He wanted certain organizations within the political establishment dismantled.
He was murdered shortly after voicing these things.

It doesn’t matter who is sitting in that office. Besides – it’s already been decided.
Again – call me a tin-foil hat wearing alien signaler whose biggest fear is a cosmic prostate exam. It’s okay. I will laugh. You will laugh. We will end our interaction with high vibrational energy and have a great night either way.

I am definitely up for a conversation about this too. Maybe you can help me see something that I am unaware of?

Thanks for reading, my friends.

As Always, Much Love.


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  1. Sue Swayzee

    Nicely written, well-presented opinion. I would only challenge you on a few points: One being that not participating in voting as an option because “it won’t make any difference.” That is not logical. In truth, if the 99% all showed up to vote the 1% would have no effect. I understand that you are partly correct in that the systemic issues are 90% of the problem. But we have a responsibility to pay attention and participate in the democratic process we have to attempt to change it, that being the one so many truly fought and died to secure for US, and which is in much danger of no longer existing. What you don’t use, you lose. And fewer and fewer people are willing to use that right.

    Likewise, many are unwilling to educate themselves on the facts, to look deeper and further than the MSM for information, to even look into a candidate’s background snd voting record. If they would only do that, it would tell them much about the candidate and maybe avoid some of those disastrously and dangerous fools who have managed to get into office. ALL politics is local. The local offices, even the most seemingly benign, is where they cut their teeth. People see something like “former parks commissioner” or whatever on the CV of a candidate and think, “Oh, they’ve got experience,” and vote for them for mayor, and then governor; and then Representative; and the next thing you know, your state has poisoned drinking water and no access to health care. So being informed is essential. It takes a LITTLE effort and time.

    And that’s where another point you make comes in, a point we agree on–how people choose to spend their time. Used to be, people spent their time engaging with their fsmily, their neighbors, their community. They got more involved. They showed up for the PTA meetings. They argued. They stood for something. Used to be people spent their time out doing stuff, they read more, they bothered to learn their history, their geography, they observed the world around them and all the beings in it. They cared. But various socioeconomic factors caused that to change: War, for one. Many, many wars. Handing over our social responsibilities to lawmakers and government. Eating up what the mainstream news told us. Unreality shows. But we want that, right? They’re just giving us what wevwant. Believe what you’re told, from what car and clothes to buy, to whom to hate. We taught you what to believe in church, just follow along, don’t think too much cuz that’s hard, and for God’s sake DON’T ask questions or argue. Or if you do, just repeat the talking points we give you so you can fight about minor bullshit stuff with everyone and not pay attention to the royal raping we’re giving you. Don’t watch where our hands are! That guy is an immigrant, he’s trying to take your job by bring a lazy welfare moocher. Yes, TV–the great distracter and divider. Time waster.

    And yes, we have problems with our education system here–but that too is very complex and multi-layered. Testing instead of teaching; homework instead of class work; not to mention the environmental toxicity that kids are being exposed to. There’s much to be done, but we have a lot of really brilliant people in the world. People can create solutions to problems too.

    The best way is to do what you can where you are. Become involved. If voting isn’t enough for you, well, run for office yourself. Get connected to other people with passion and knowledge who want to join in. We’ve done this before. It’s too bad we have to go back over some of the same old ground and do it again, but that’s what happens when the people who care stop participating. Right?

    And in closing, I’ll just remind you that at least two more Supreme Court appointments are coming. It’s never mattered more who is occupying the White House AND Congress. Voting is much more than electing the President; it’s about forming a legislature that works. So please don’t sit this one out!

  2. sarahjene10

    Very good read my friend! I agree with you too. I believe that the only president worth voting for is the one who never gets recognition because they don’t act out. Sadly the people who don’t agree with this mess get ruled out by what I believe is a negative force. There is an evil force behind the affairs of the world and its only going to get worse before it gets better. What is meant to happen will happen and there’s nothing that my single vote can do about it. Yes there are those who say your vote counts. But not when the majority of the voters are either dumb or misinformed. But none of the candidates are suitable. They’re all wrong. But there is someone who is sincere genuine truthful good powerful and just. He dwarfs all the presidents in comparison. In the long run these elections won’t matter. All the debates in the world won’t matter because it is people trying out do people. And all people are fallible. Noone is pure or absolute. So I put my trust in the One who is. And that’s why I don’t care to vote.

    • M.

      Hello, Sarah. Thanks for the reply. Voting, for the sake of voting, is purely a conditioned belief system. All you really have to do is look at these people we are asked to vote on. They aren’t debating on who is best fit to work for the American people…not at all — If we could (We as in “We the People) could rid ourselves from the thought process that we must follow this BS parade – We could make real change.Do not vote just because they tell you that your vote counts. It doesn’t. That’s a large discussion, I know…maybe some day. 🙂

      Thanks for reading.

      • sarahjene10

        Matthew I absolutely agree! We could change this thing if we banded together but too many are conditioned for a certain response to think outside of the box.

  3. Kevin Harpel

    Good read! I must agree that the whole political party bashing each other on television events are just a show. I kinda feel the same about not wanting to vote. As if I’m protesting against the next ass to sit at the White House.

    • M.

      It’s gotten to the point of being truly disgusting. There are genuine problems and people are seeking help or, at least, guidance – but the name calling and chest puffing takes precedence apparently.
      It’s all just smoke and mirrors anyway. New president, same shit and continued piling of that shit.
      I’m voting for bugs bunny.

    • M.

      It’s gotten to the point of being truly disgusting. There are genuine problems and people are seeking help or, at least, guidance – but the name calling and chest puffing takes precedence apparently.
      It’s all just smoke and mirrors anyway. New president, same shit and continued piling of that shit. Thanks for reading and for the reply, Kevin.
      I’m voting for bugs bunny.

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