What are Synchronicities?

Have you ever given much thought to that question?
Have our definitions to things like this become simplified due to lack of mathematical understanding of the universe?
Maybe it’s nothing more than simple apathy.
Maybe it’s neither, and I am the one that is hallucinating?
I asked this question to a friend a couple of days ago.

His response, “Everyone’s life is moving at the same time – we are bound to run into things that seem like they are in sync or aligned in some weird way, but it’s just one point meeting another point. That’s all.”

I questioned the reasoning for using the word “weird.”
I now believe it was the proper word choice.
After all – it is weird. Extremely weird.

After he had responded, he went back to his work without another word. He didn’t even ask me what my thoughts were.
(Which is fine but, usually others will do that to evolve a conversation) I am sure he was just focused on his work and was not interested in an in-depth conversation at that time.
I will hunt him down later and keep you posted. Deal?
After a few minutes of piecing together his statement in search of some clarity – I received my conclusion.
In a sense – he is correct.
It does go deeper, though. (doesn’t it always?)
While aligned with a particular vibrational frequency – we attract that level of frequency from other sources. The universe is continuously seeking similar waves of energy to match up with one another – once those waves are connected; it’s up to us (partly) to take action and explore possibilities and (hopefully) create something powerful.

As you’ve pursued creative endeavors or experienced relationships with others – some evolve without effort, and they usually happen naturally without force. And let’s face it – when we are aligned in this way – life is a blast.


When you seek out what you think “should be” – you invite into your reality wavelengths of energy in the form of people, events, and experiences that do not fit your current state. These will often cause personality clashes, an uninspired perspective of life, and you feel hopeless from the beginning. You can feel these “energy clashes” immediately but, we often disregard them and think we need to adjust to the outside to make them fit. This pattern of thought only tightens the knot that is tying you down.


The reason for this is simple: Your manifestations, when seeking what you think “should be” are solely based on boosting your ego and keeping your separate-self happy – by way of feeding into materialism and indulging in decadence. In one form or another — this is the case.

thinking-304955-mGo Beyond Your Ego.


These two levels of outcome are what should happen – regardless of how we perceive it. High and low, good and bad, here or there – it’s all the same thing.

They are all one unified field of energy (meaning: High and low is one, good and bad is one and so on) and they are expressing themselves in a way that matches up with your perception.


Here’s this:
Chicken or the egg? The answer is both – because they are part of a process called identical differences. The chicken and the egg are two aspects of the same process.
Similar to heads and tails of a coin. Head side is different from the tails side, yet they are inseparable.


 It’s imperative to understand that accepting what happens is the first step in gaining clarity of how the Universe responds to thought, action, and subjective emotional values.
Also, understand that you (rather – who you think you are – the person. Skin and bones and everything else) are not standing aside from any of this stuff. You are it. You are the same thing. Thoughts are not separate from you. You do not choose your thoughts in the moment. Your thoughts are a product of your subconscious. They are a stream of consciousness that flows through you. They come and then they go. They come and then they go. They never stay – unless you invite them to stay.
Accepting doesn’t mean you can’t seek to change things – if that is what you desire. If you do desire change – you definitely can change things and you definitely should.
Accept outcomes.


If you desire a different outcome — take the lessons learned, adjust the course, correct the angles, and step back up to the plate with a new approach.
Just remember that you will never hit a homerun if you stand there and give in to fear thus making you “feel” too afraid to swing.

The walk back to the dugout after striking out is a long, lonely walk – especially if you just watched three opportunities fly by you without taking a swing at them.

Swing the bat.


 Worse case scenario – you have the knowledge of what not to do next at-bat and the pride in knowing you tried.
Begin focusing on your next at-bat immediately.


Thanks for Reading, My Friends


As Always, Much Love