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Lessons From a Tree

The message the Chinese Bamboo Tree offers is something that is difficult to grasp in our world today. Everything is fast. Millions of instant-result products are marketed toward consumers all over the world – every day.

Slowing down and allowing a natural progression to occur is a key ingredient to achieving calmness within you. Nothing is forced in nature yet nothing is left undone. Everything is completed and it’s completed on-time every time.
Let’s revisit the lesson of this beautiful tree.

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Be Still and Listen – You Already Have the Answers.

thinking-304955-mLife is short. We hear this sentiment often, don’t we? What does it really mean, though? When people say this, I believe they are referring to living a fearless type of lifestyle. Not wreck-less, but fearless. Purely intentional – stretching yourself and testing your own beliefs on limitations placed into your mind by a structured system.
This is what I believe is often lost in translation – Embrace the unknown.
When you stretch yourself, more specifically your mind – you put yourself in a state of feeling mentally uncomfortable or spiritually unsure. This feeling of discomfort is necessary.

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Consciousness, Imagination, and the Creation of Reality.

IMG_7644What is this place? Seattle. Washington. West Coast. United States of America. North America. Earth. The Milky Way. Wow. Have you ever stopped for a moment and thought about the amount of energy that is constantly in motion around us? It’s mind-blowing, isn’t it?

Given that, I’ve wondered if the act of creation, with others present, could alter the outcome or if the creative flow of energy you receive is all your own. I question if I am receiving the energy of others that are nearby and with that mixture of wavelengths crossing, it affects my true, personal creative flow. I do feel most at ease when I write in silence.

Writers, artists, painters, dancers, sculptors, musicians, etc. all have this. In fact, I believe even those who aren’t creating have this. We are all creative by nature. We are born into this flesh-covered transportation system with the same tools.

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