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The Path and the Quest – Complexity is False Belief

african-eve-1477279I woke up this morning with a clear connection. After a few moments of quiet contemplation, I had a thought. What is my true desire? What is the deeply rooted passion that shines from my spirit?

This question shows up often throughout the course of my life. I am sure you can relate. We all have those thoughts about our life-purpose. We all occasionally think about these things. We’ve all received feedback from others about what we should do with our lives.

Some of them may point out a specific talent you have. Some may suggest a specific passion that you often talk about. Either way, it’s clear to me that all of us have “life-work” to achieve or to strive for. We all have a job to do. We all have passions. We all have talents and abilities – some that we haven’t discovered yet.
How do you find your true desire? How do you know it’s real? H0w do you know it’s not doctrinalism? How do you know it’s not dogma disguised as a genuine purpose?

This morning was more than a passing thought – it consumed my consciousness. It consumed every aspect of my being. I felt powerless over this force. Something was forcing me to examine myself deeper. Something was taking over my thought process and pushing the issue.
This had an effect on me in a couple different ways. For the first time – I truly questioned my current path. I wondered if my current path is taking me down a road that is not aligned with my soul. I wondered if my current pursuits are creating a vibrational frequency that is only in sync with my beliefs of who I am; Not necessarily in sync with the fundamental core of my spirit.

As I stated above, this is a concept I have spent much time with. I’ve engaged in countless conversations with others about life and purpose. Those discussions covered a broad range of theories and beliefs – from God’s will to free-will to strengthening our own subjective consciousness through direct life experience.

Through all of that – this morning was different. It was, the I that is I and my source of everything. This experience is merely a few hours old so it’s not possible to come to a definitive conclusion about the reasoning. After a few sessions, I will have understanding and a larger vision.

This got me thinking. How can we ever be truly sure we are on the right path? What are the indicators and how can we differentiate the ego desires from the spirit quest?

My experience this morning happened as I was waking up. It started before my eyes were open. I felt myself being pulled back into my body. On this quick journey through the open-space of consciousness and the nothingness of untapped conscious thoughts, I saw myself in everything. I was the clouds. I was the dirt. I was the stars. I am the Earth. I am the galaxy. I am the Universe. I am the Cosmos – living my life through the eye.

There is an exact pattern, that if found and embraced, leads to a richly fulfilling life. This life is full of “luck” and prosperity. Diseases are rarely a part of your experience. Minor aches and pains are even more rare. Events that lead to emotional trauma such as: sudden dizziness, constant fatigue, habits of dropping things or running into things, headaches, forgetfulness, confusion, and many others.

sunrise-over-the-520-bridge-797971-mI do realize these things happen to everyone from time-to-time but, there are people who experience these things frequently. They could legitimately be caused by lack of nutrition. Then I ask – why aren’t you eating? Depression? Why are you depressed?

Most depression, contrary to what we’re told, is caused by a “rusty” connection to the ultimate source of creation. Being unsure about life. Not utilizing talents or seeking to improve abilities. These actions cause the soul and spirit to send signals to your body. They send these signals to warn you that your current path isn’t aligned with your spiritual quest. And because of that, your soul and spirit become weakened. It’s all relative and it all boils down to one thing – Are you living your life on purpose or are you living life without a purpose?

I’m making this post the first of a series. This morning, September 24th, 2015, is the day my path aligned with my intentions.

Nothing is left undone and nothing is ever forced.
I will bend with the wind and be nourished by the rain. 
My time here is limited but my time for existence is eternal.
My purpose is to embrace this experience and spread love everywhere I go.

Thanks for reading, my friends

As always, much love.



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  1. interesting thoughts! never thought of the depression as the signal for non-alignment with your soul purpose. it must be!

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