North Pole Northern Lights Taurora

North Pole Northern Lights Taurora

How do you define greatness?

What does it look like? What makes it seem so elusive? I’ll tell you the answer to all 3 of these questions right after I tell you this:

When my time is up — My tank=E and my work=complete.

I never knew my real Father. To this day, I still know nothing about the guy. I rarely think about this but, when I do, it’s mostly due to genetic curiosities.
I bring up my biological male parent for one reason — forgiveness.

I’ve only heard a few stories about the guy — most of those stories were the significant events that led to him leaving my Mom when I was about one-month-old. The stories do not paint a pretty picture of his character.

My Step-Dad is my Dad. No question about that at all. In fact, it felt strange writing “Step-Dad” just now. He is my Father in every sense of the word. He provided everything for my brothers and I. He worked his ass off to do it too. Was he the “typical” Father that television portrayed? Did he live up that those fictional characters that were conditioning our little minds? Not at all — but I was safe, warm, and had enough to eat. For that — I am grateful.

I’ve been thinking about my family a lot lately. I’ve been thinking about my

Janet Marie and Matthew. 1980

Janet Marie and Matthew. 1980

Grandma in Michigan. I’ve been thinking about Mom a lot. Everyday. Every few hours or so — she just pops in my mind or I see something that reminds me of her.

I am a firm believer in divine intervention — I am just not connecting with this one yet. I hope the message becomes clear soon.

This brings me back to the opening line of this post — How do you define greatness?

Greatness is not a destination.

Greatness is a state-of-mind. Greatness requires intense, laser focus on what you’re after. It requires a ridiculous, almost insane, amount of patience and belief in yourself. And this is why most fall short of feeling they are worthy of greatness. Some people become too consumed with their subjective beliefs about others and what they feel it takes to become great — they get overwhelmed even thinking about it — and eventually talk themselves out of even trying anything.

This is why greatness appears so elusive. It’s why it seems to be reserved only for a select few. It’s why so many say no to the journey of self-mastery. They may not even be aware they are saying no. Resistance and other external forces are the cause of their silent “No” to their life. They may not see it as saying no. They will say that they are being responsible. They will say that it’s not a logical decision. They will say it’s not practical. They will say they can’t afford it. They will say they can’t risk losing what they have. Fear is to blame for all of this. And that fear began developing at a young age — unknowingly to us.

Is this dangerous thinking? Is there a way to play the game of life and still fulfill your life’s work? Can we literally change the world for the better?

Yes — turn off the T.V.
Observe your thoughts with curiosity — rather than investing emotional responses in them.

You are everything. You are the entire Universe. It’s all you.

Not you as in “yourself.” You as in the presence of all energy that moves throughout the cosmos.

At the end of this ride, the only thing that will hold any value to you is this:

Did you experience as much as you could? Did you spend way too much time stressing over things that don’t even exist? How many hours of your life were spent/wasted by taking your mind and throwing it into the future with no specific destination…and then sitting there as you stew in anxiety?

Get back here. The Now. Focus on it.

It’s all you will ever have to focus on.

Mind time-travel is strictly prohibited. And please do not play in, on, or around this dumpster. Especially when you have work to do. Go get it.

Thanks for reading, my friends. 

As always, Much Love. 


PS – Do not watch the Mainstream Media News Outlets. The more ratings they get, the more power they have to manipulate the masses.