butterfly9:57 PM on October 29th, 2015.

I finished eating a grilled cheese sandwich about 20 minutes ago.

I rinse off my plate, put my kitchen to bed and walk to my living room. The fire is still glowing. The one lamp in the corner of the room is still on; I prefer that lamp over the main light because it gives the room a nice feel. It’s soft light but gives enough light to move around without bruising up my chins.
It’s quiet. I feel calm. I am no longer hungry. I stop and check-in with myself:

How do I feel mentally? Not bad at all. Nothing to report.
How do I feel emotionally? Not bad at all. Nothing to report.
How do I feel physically? Not bad at all. Nothing to report.
How do I feel spiritually? Not bad at all. Nothing to report.

This means it’s time to write.

I have my laptop downstairs at the moment. It’s not in my writing room upstairs. Sometimes I bring it down here to mix up the surroundings. I find it helps break the monotony.
I grab the laptop, sit down on the couch, and open the lid.
As usual, I open Outlook and Word. I check for new email and open a new blank document in Word. I have a few new emails to read, but they can wait until morning. I close Outlook and give Microsoft Word my full attention.

On the first line I write, “9:57” and before I type “PM”, the jam fest starts up literally 4 feet behind my head. My neighbors are having a party. Now, I continue writing because this sort of thing really doesn’t bother me. It’s not incredibly loud. I understand I live near others. I understand they are having fun. I understand my need for solitude and silence isn’t on their list of priorities. I expect occasional noise from both of my neighbors — after all, we share a wall with each other. It would be ridiculous to expect absolute silence all the time.

I bring this up for one reason only. Choice.

Why? A choice was made when I first heard the music. Considering it started almost on queue to when I sat down to write, it could have easily frustrated me a little. I could have allowed this to alter my focus or have it be a reason to delay writing. Resistance is often a choice we make with ourselves. It’s not always external. In fact, most of the resistance we experience is directly linked to choices we make.

Landscape-with-water-free-license-CC01-314x224This post is to remind you of resistance — to be aware and to stay vigilant with it. Don’t allow the critic inside of your head to speak louder than your voice of passion. If you’re doing anything to evolve yourself, you’re going to experience this. It’s part of the game. See these as constant pop quizzes from the Universe. It wants to know how bad you want it. It wants to know your level of sacrifice.

On that note, I’d like to discuss the sudden lack of content on this blog. I was in the middle of a 30-day challenge to add to my blog here. It was a voluntary thing I was doing because I thought it would be fun to do it. And it was fun. I loved every second of it.

Around day 14, I started digging heavily into a few other projects — mainly the book and some AWAI work. The next day, I submitted day 15 to the blog and then nothing after that. I’ve written every day, there’s no question about that. Just not here.
I want to apologize to those of you expecting to see a post and didn’t get it but, I have full faith you will forgive me after you read the book in December. I am already proud of it and I am not even finished with the first draft. More on that at a later date.

During the progress of AWAI and the book, I will update the blog often.

Thanks for reading, my friends. 

As always, Much Love.