Galactic Pyrotechnics

Galactic Pyrotechnics

April is here.
I am here.
You are here.
So – what time is it where you are?
What’s the universal time?

What is the deal with time?

Specifically, the phrase, “Time heals all wounds.” This is one of those phrases that, I believe, is responsible for the disempowering effects that our language has produced.

 Our language contains many of these phrases. Most of them are never fully questioned, or the majority ultimately accepts them – thus never examined for accuracy. While I did mention that our language is littered with these little nuggets, the focus of this piece of writing is time and the supposed healing qualities it has.

The basis of this phrase: “Time heals all wounds” is innocent enough and most people understand the concept of it; nonetheless, it does send a deeply rooted, damaging message. And that is – if you get through the pain (which is inevitable unless you die) and keep living; the pain will subside naturally. It will heal. Go away. Be replaced.

Erased by the magical healing quality of Dr. Time.


It may appear/feel that the wound has healed but, I assure you if you didn’t work through the issues or the particular problem that caused the pain – resurfacing of that pain is a certainty. It will look different on the surface. It won’t feel the same. In fact, when it resurfaces, it will be vastly different in almost every aspect as it’s vibrational carbon copy.

I understand this idea clashes with various belief structures we were given as children. The disempowerment of the human will and spirit begins early due to this reason. Indoctrination into a belief system. It can be any socialized institution or practice – it’s simultaneously molding, programming, and destroying children – often before they even discover any of their natural abilities and talents.

Culture breeds dogma. Today’s culture, when psychological principles are viewed, is reliant upon a generation to blindly follow and leave behind their naturally creative energy. To trade it in for fake social acceptance. I bring these things up to make a point.

Time doesn’t solve anything.

It’s you and your cosmic process that begins to see that pain as a painful life experience and not just painful.

For the sake of demonstration and to add clarification –

Pain – Odd
Peaceful/Content – Even
Why designate these two polar opposite human emotions?
Odd is vivid, different, particular. Simply stated – Odd stands above the rest. Not in a competitive context – but a visual one.
Even is solid, definite, stays low and is flat.
These are not definitions – these are just simple concepts of odd and even. (I just wanted to stress it a bit to ensure we’re on the same page)
Odd ceases to be odd the moment Even ceases to exist.
Even ceases to be Even the moment Odd ceases to exist.

These are identical differences. Mutually necessary for the other to exist at all.

What does this mean?

To come full circle – Pain and Contentment are identical differences. They are mutually necessary for each other for either to exist. The only profound separation between pain and contentment is our subjective perception of the emotion. The definitions we give, the experience itself, and the evaluation of cause and effect that spawned the emotion.  

It‘s you, with your mind as your guide, begin to focus attention elsewhere. The emotional value you give the pain, regardless of what it is, begins to transfer (often subconsciously) to other areas of the brain.

It’s important to remember the complexities of the brain in this context. Our brains are, in every sense of the word, electrical. Brain cells connect thoughts and patterns due to the electrical currents (millivolts) within them.
In fact, your brain sends out information every 1/1,000,000 of every second – even while you’re sleeping. Yes, that is one/one millionth of a second. That’s cosmic speed. That’s not human speed.

Allow your brain to do its cosmic work and don’t stand aside and judge it. Trust it and enjoy the scenery. After all, you’re creating that scenery – amazing, isn’t it?

You’re damn right it is. It’s magic.

Every moment you feel, see, touch, smell, taste, or hear is happening Right Now. Test it out today – When you taste something amazing, stop and feel it. You’ll feel that you’re experiencing the cosmic moment of Right Now.
If you think back to that experience later in the day, it’s the experience of thinking back to it that gives it value – and of course, that thinking back is happening Right Now

So, Michigan subscriber, thank you for the question. Great one!

What do you think? Let me know by using the form below. I’d love to get your take on this concept. Does time heal all wounds or is the very concept of time a structured belief system we’ve inherited?

Thanks for reading, my friends

As Always, Much Love

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