I entered this physical world on September 11, 1979. I have always assumed I was conceived on New Year’s Eve 1978 so, I suppose that is the night I began this journey. It is also the night I began gathering information.

Not a day has gone by without my brain gathering information that I will ultimately carry with me in this experience.

I want to discuss something that I rarely write about — even considering it’s something that I think about daily. The topic I am referring to is God — what is God?

Most of us are taught/told that we are children of God. We are made in his image and we must obey the commandments to have everlasting life.

What if we don’t? We burn? We suffer? Is that correct?

When you separate yourself from ego – when you separate yourself from the militant commands of cultural beliefs – you can see clearly that this is nonsense.

That’s right – I said it. Do you think I upset that big boss upstairs?

I’m not concerned. Blind faith isn’t something I can embrace. It’s not that I need significant proof of God’s existence to believe — I know there is one energy within the cosmos, I don’t deny that. I know there is an energy so mysterious and so beautiful out there. I also believe the energy is not separate from us. It’s not a boss we must obey through our actions, it’s not a commander that is watching our behaviors, and it’s not grading us.

I deny any view/belief that separates humans from the environment — suggesting the entity that created us is different or outside of us.

We are God. All of us. God is not above us, below us, different from us, or more powerful than us. God is not someone or something that provided us a list of commandments to obey — with massive consequences if we don’t.

I realize this is paradoxical in our culture. But why is it paradoxical? If a large group believes something and teaches those beliefs for centuries to their young — the brain accepts it and makes it real. Even if it’s not.

It all starts in the brain. Brain chemistry and the power of our brains do not get the respect they deserve. Why is this? I mean, we live in our heads. We live in our brain. Everything we do, see, smell, hear, fear, hate, touch is directly linked to our brain.

As Richard Dawkins said, “The human mind is extremely susceptible to hallucination.”

We all know this is 100% truth. In fact, when you get down to the level of quantum physics — basically all of our senses are reacting at some level of illusion.

I am here. I am now. I accept you as you. If you believe in an all-powerful creator; my love for you is not altered in any way. But – my take on life is that we are all the same thing. We are “God.” We create all of this. We are all the magnificent sunsets. We shine the sun. We nurture the planet with rain. We clear away the old to make way for the new — all while We experience one subjective viewpoint at a time.

You may be thinking, “I do not create the sunset, how would I do that?”

You can’t explain how you do it; you just do it. Can you explain to me how you keep your heart beating or how you constantly remember to blink your eyelids?

Sunsets, eyelids, and the beating heart — they all come from the same source. You.

You — not the ego, the person with blonde hair that drives a Ford. Not that “You.” I am referring to the cosmic, fundamental “You.” The energy that creates this entire majestic illusion we call life.

It’s beautiful.

Go outside now — Look at some trees, look at the grass, look at the sky, and feel that energy. The energy that is creating that visual, in that moment, is “You.”  It’s always been you. You’re creating all of it. Feel the connection and smile.

Much Love, my friends.